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Amplify your reach with Facebook ads.

Consider how you can reach more supporters and build on the work you’re already doing with our paid advertising solutions.

Amplify reach with Facebook Ads.

  • Explore different types of Facebook ads and how they can help you reach the right people.
  • Learn more about Advertising Policies, authorizations and ads about social issues.
  • Create and manage ads using Ads Manager and Business Suite.
  • Reach more people by boosting a post.
  • Assign Page roles to help you manage ads.
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Get the most out of your Facebook ads.

  • Amplify marketing strategies using ads to increase your return on investment.
  • Choose an advertising objective to help you get the results you’re after.
  • Optimize your campaign budget using our tools.
  • Reach your desired audience through targeting.
  • Choose ad placements and learn creative best practices.
  • Measure your ad’s success and test ad solutions.
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