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Amplify your reach with Facebook ads.

You may want to consider how you can reach more supporters and build on the work you’re already doing through advertising.

When you have a specific target, like a number of supporters you would like to sign up, or an amount of money you would like to raise, our ad solutions can help you reach your goals and advance your cause.

Advertising policies and authorization.

Whether you want to promote an event, launch a campaign to drive change or hit a specific fundraising goal, use our ad tools to activate your community and scale real-world outcomes.

Advertising Policies

Our Advertising Policies provide guidance on what type of ad content is allowed. Familiarizing yourself with these policies can help you achieve greater efficiency by avoiding disapprovals down the road. Common disapprovals include the use of personal attributes, adult content, sensational content and brand usage in ads.

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Ads about social issues.

Social issues like civil and human rights, the environment and immigration play an important role in society. Social Issue ads can help raise awareness about important topics and drive change through advocacy, debate or discussion.

We've worked with many advocacy groups to define a set of social issues for our platform.

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  • Civil and social rights
  • Crime
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Environmental Politics
  • Guns
  • Health
  • Immigration
  • Political values and governance
  • Security and foreign policy
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Get authorized to run ads.

Social issues can cover a range of polarizing, politicized and sensitive topics. While we believe in freedom of expression, we also recognize the need to set guidelines for advertising that may influence people, actions and outcomes.

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  • Complete the authorizations process in the country where your nonprofit wants to run ads.
  • Prove who your organization is and where you are located.
  • Include verified “Paid for by” disclaimers in your ads to help us confirm the legitimacy of an organization and show people who’s behind the influential ads.

All ads marked as ‘about social issues, elections or politics’ are entered into the Ad Library for seven years.

Note: Ads about social issues, elections or politics are not eligible to run on the Audience Network. Visit the Help Center to see the full list of placements that don't support ads with a “Paid for by” disclaimer.

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Create and manage ads.

You can create and manage all of your advertising across Facebook and Instagram with our Ads Manager and Business Suite tools.

Ads Manager

Ads Manager enables you to create, view and change ads, as well as see results for all of your ad campaigns in one place.

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  • Create ad campaigns. Use ad creation to design your ads in a step-by-step process. When you create your ad, you get to choose the marketing objective, the people you want to reach, the places to show your ad and the format. Learn more about creating your ads here.
  • Manage multiple ads at once. You can edit settings—such as audience, budgets and placements—across many ads, and create copies of your ads by duplicating them. Learn more about managing ads in Ads Manager.
  • See how your ads are performing. You’ll be able to view up-to-date data on the performance of your ads and schedule reports.
  • View results at the account level and at a high-level on how all your campaigns are performing.
  • Apply breakdowns to see the metrics you care about.
  • Create or schedule ad reports.

Creating an ad is a good option if you want to drive people to your nonprofit’s website, or if you have a specific goal you’re trying to reach, like getting people to register for an event.

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Business Suite

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  • Create ads with Ads Manager: Create new ads and place them on Facebook and Instagram, boost your posts and promote your Page.
  • Create posts and stories: Publish or schedule new posts and stories for your Facebook Page and Instagram account.
  • View activity: See new notifications for your Facebook Page and Instagram account.
  • View insights: See details about your organization’s performance, such as trends, activity on the content you share and more information about your audience.
  • View your organization at a glance: Get an overview of your Facebook Page and Instagram account right from your home screen, including updates, recent posts and ads, and insights.
  • Message through Inbox: Read and respond to new messages and comments from your Facebook Page, Messenger and Instagram accounts.
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Boost a post to reach more people.

You can create an ad in Ads Manager, or by boosting a post. Boosted (or promoted) posts are ads you create from posts on your Facebook Page. Boosted posts show up as ads in your audience’s News Feed. They’re a good way to reach more people who are on Facebook but don’t currently follow your Page. Boosted posts can help you raise awareness about your cause, and motivate people to visit your Page and follow you, which in turn will help grow your community.

When you boost a post, you can choose the audience you want to see it, where you want to place it, the duration of your post, and how much you want to spend on it. If you want more options to customize an ad, it’s a good idea to create your ad through Ads Manager.

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Assign Page roles to help you manage ads.

When you create a Page, you automatically become the Page's admin, which means you can change how it looks and publish content as the Page. You can add people to help manage your Page by assigning Page roles.

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  • Admin
  • Editor
  • Moderator
  • Advertiser
  • Analyst

There's no limit to the number of people who can have a role on a Page, however only an admin can assign and change roles by granting Page Permissions.

If you are using the new Pages experience, you can give Facebook access to New Pages or specific task access to people you trust. People can have Facebook access with full or partial control.

Please be aware that our Community Standards require that only authentic Facebook accounts are used to manage Pages.

Learn more about the different Page roles and how to add, remove and edit them for classic Pages and the new Pages experience.

How to pay for ads

You have several options to pay for ads on Facebook and Instagram, which may vary depending on the country and currency of your ad account.

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Get inspired

See how other nonprofits are using Meta technologies to reach more supporters, grow their organization and make a greater impact.

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