Blood Donations

Helping More People Get the Blood They Need.

More than 70 million* people have signed up to be blood donors on Facebook. They’re notified about blood banks near them that need blood donors, and can schedule appointments to donate or create reminders for themselves to donate later.

Facebook Blood Donations is currently available to approved organizations in Bangladesh, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Egypt, England, India, Kenya, Mexico, Niger, Northern Ireland, Pakistan, Senegal, South Africa, the United States, Taiwan, Wales and Zimbabwe. Blood banks and hospitals in those countries may apply to partner with Facebook, and more countries are being added each month.

*Source: Facebook, June 2020, Number of donors signed up for Facebook Blood Donations.

Partner With Facebook

How This Feature Helps Blood Banks and Hospitals

In many countries, there are too few blood donors to provide everyone with reliable access to safe blood. Often potential donors don’t know when and where to donate; however our research suggests that when donors have information and opportunities to give, they step up to help their community. The Facebook Blood Donations feature informs people who want to donate about nearby opportunities to do so.

Connecting Donors with Blood Banks

Since 2017, Facebook has partnered with blood donation centers around the world to help increase the number of donors. By connecting people who want to help donate with opportunities to give, we can contribute to a more stable and sufficient supply of blood. Facebook partnered with blood banks in India and Brazil to conduct in-person surveys and found that 20% of people** said that Facebook influenced their decision to donate blood.

**Source: Facebook, Oct-Nov 2018.

Success Stories

Aarohi Blood Bank
Hyberdabad, India

Aarohi Uses Facebook to Increase Blood Donations for Children with Thalassemia

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Fortis Hospital Mulund
Mumbai, India

Fortis Mulund Increases Voluntary Donations with Facebook’s Blood Donations Feature

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Hemorio Blood Bank
Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Hemorio Increases Blood Donations By 10% By Leveraging the Power of Facebook

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Hemoce Blood Bank
Fortaleza, Brazil

Hemoce Partners With Facebook to Boost Voluntary Blood Donations

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How It Works

People sign up to be blood donors

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Approved organizations create posts or let Facebook do the recruiting for them

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Facebook notifies nearby donors

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Donors go to blood banks and give blood

Blood Donation Features

    Blood Donation Page Posts
    • Posts can help you build relationships with your donors.
    • Engage with your donor community by responding to questions on posts, or thank them for giving blood.
    • Educate people in your area about the process of donating blood, your organization’s mission or specific health populations you support (e.g. thalassemia).
    • Promote specific holidays and awareness days to drive voluntary donation.

    Facebook will periodically remind donors in your area to donate at your blood bank.

    • Optimize Your Page

      • Upload a good profile picture, preferably your logo.
      • Upload a cover photo, such as a picture of your facility or an image that resonates with your organization’s mission.
      • Personalize the description of your organization.
      • Make sure your organization’s hours are up-to-date.
    • Create Engaging Posts
      • Make posts that educate, inform, and thank current/future donors.
      • Share updates about your organization.
      • Share real life stories of donors and successful donations.
      • Use post scheduling to schedule content during ideal times.
      • Experiment with frequency of posts.
      • Communicate with people who comment on your posts.
    • Aim for Quality
      • Posts with photos and videos receive more likes, comments and clicks.
      • Keep posts short and succinct.
      • Create content and share links that work well on mobile.
    • When to Post
      • Post on holidays and awareness days.
      • Engage and educate donors by thanking donors, highlighting success stories, or dispelling myths about blood donation.
      • Post during a crisis, such as a natural disaster or epidemic.
    • Sign Up More Blood Donors on Facebook
      • Use the below copy in your promotional material to invite your new and existing donors to sign up as donors on Facebook. “Now it’s easier to donate blood and help save lives. You can help by signing up to be a blood donor on Facebook at
        Once you sign up, you’ll get notified on Facebook when there are blood donation needs near you.”
    Blood Donations

    Social Media Toolkit

    Since 2017, Facebook has worked with blood banks and organizations around the world to help increase voluntary blood donations. To help support your organization, we’ve created an easy-to-use social media toolkit for World Blood Donor Day to help you find creative ways to encourage healthy people to voluntarily give blood and support blood donations.

    Download Toolkit