Find Volunteers on Facebook.

Making it easier for people and organizations to request or offer help in their community.

Your organization can find volunteers of any skill level for shifts on certain days and times. When people sign up, they provide their email or request to be contacted via Facebook Messenger and are sent reminder notifications automatically. Your volunteer opportunities appear publicly on your Page, on the Community Help hub and are shareable across Facebook.

How to create volunteers Sign-ups:

  1. Navigate to your organization’s Facebook Page.
  2. Click on Volunteers under where you create a Post.
  3. Click Sign-Ups.
  4. Select Online or In Person.
  5. Fill in details, including a general title and description, location, activities, dates, times and number of volunteers needed.
  6. Enter an email address to get notified when people sign up.
  7. Click Publish.
  8. Volunteers can sign up for shifts and bring guests, share and invite their friends.

Manage your Sign-ups:

  • You will receive a batched email of sign-ups everyday.
  • You can view signed up volunteers by clicking on your Volunteer Sign-Ups and clicking See Volunteers.
  • You can export the Volunteer List in CSV.

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