Fundraising Tip:

On-Facebook Donation Ads

We know one of your biggest goals as nonprofit marketers includes raising funds for your cause or organization. At Facebook, we want to make it easier than ever for you to garner more donations. This is why we are launching On-Facebook Donation Ads, which will provide your supporters a seamless donation experience by bringing the transaction onto the Facebook platform.

Set up your campaign

On-Facebook Donation Ads is available to all nonprofits who are onboarded to Facebook Fundraising tools.

To create your On-Facebook Donation Ads campaign, go to Ads Manager and select Create. When setting up your campaign, keep the following considerations in mind:

1. Name your new campaign. Then under Campaign Details, select the Conversions Objective. Click Next once you are finished.

2. Name your new ad set, then under Conversion Event Location, select Facebook Donation. During this step, you will also select your budget, bid strategy, audience, placements, optimization and delivery.

3. Now you can name your ad, select the Page you will be running the On-Facebook Donation Ads from and select Single Image or Video for your ad form. We recommend following the Creative Considerations for Cause-Driven Ideas for your creative.

Nonprofits play an important role in our society, and implementing these creative considerations can help your organization drive more positive change, and do more good.

For more information about On-Facebook Donation Ads, watch our fireside chat video below and download our booklet.

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