Facebook Fundraiser Sticker

Fundraise through Facebook Stories

The fundraiser sticker for Facebook Stories makes it possible for nonprofits and their supporters to quickly raise awareness for their cause. Adding the fundraiser sticker to a Story is an easy way for people to promote a specific nonprofit or personal fundraiser on Facebook, either created by themselves, a friend, or Page they care about.

Nonprofits must sign up to Charitable Giving tools.

Get Started

    1. Go to Facebook and tap Add to Story.
    2. Use your camera to capture a photo or video, or choose one you already have on your phone and add it to your Facebook Story.
    3. Swipe up on your Story to add the fundraiser sticker.
    4. Once you add the sticker, select the Facebook Fundraiser you want to promote.
    5. Post your Story.

    The fundraiser sticker on your Story will show the current dollar amount raised by that fundraiser. Tapping the donate button on the fundraiser sticker directs people to the Facebook Fundraiser Page where they can donate directly.

    100% of the money raised using the Fundraiser sticker goes to your nonprofit! Read more about this here.

    You’ll need 3 things to complete an application to receive donations on Facebook.

    1. A PDF copy of a bank statement from the last 3 months (you will need to upload this as part of the application). Submitting a statement that is older than 3 months will cause a delay in your application being approved.
    2. The name and date of birth of your organization’s CEO or Executive Director.
    3. Your organization’s tax ID number (EIN or VAT number), which verifies your charitable tax exemption status.

    Sign up for Charitable Giving Tools

    The application must be completed in full and progress cannot be saved.

    Please ensure you have the required information and documentation before you get started. To complete the application, click the downward arrow next to your nonprofit or charity organization page. Then, proceed to Donations Account Setup. To learn more about the requirements for collecting donations on Facebook, review the Frequently Asked Questions. To get support, contact us.

    Share your story and your real-world impact

    The most engaging Stories share moments and spark meaningful conversations with friends. The fundraiser sticker gives your organization a new way to raise awareness for your fundraisers and to share the ways in which your organization makes a real-world impact every day.

    Use the fundraiser sticker in Facebook Stories to encourage your supporters to donate to an existing Facebook Fundraiser.

    Best Practices

    Frame it. Kickstart your Story with photos and videos of what your cause is and why it matters.

    Define Impact. Tell the story of what the donations will help to accomplish.

    Get Creative. Use a photo and creative tools like emojis and gradient text to illustrate the purpose of your cause.

    Repetition. Post the Fundraiser Sticker in multiple Stories for maximum exposure.

    Use video. Your supporters are craving video content from you! Remember: 98% of all mobile video is viewed vertically.


    • Must be signed up to Charitable Giving tools.
    • Your nonprofit must be a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the US and enrolled with Facebook Charitable Giving Tools to receive donations.
    • Currently the fundraising sticker is available to all countries where Facebook fundraisers are available. See the list.
    • The fundraising sticker in Facebook stories is available for Personal fundraisers and Nonprofit fundraisers.

    Visit the Facebook Help Center