Page Fundraiser

Set up a dedicated fundraising page and unite around a fundraising goal.

Now all US verified nonprofit pages can create or donate to a fundraiser from their Facebook Page. Whether your goal is to respond to a current event, raise money for a specific program or generally support your cause, your supporters can donate to your fundraiser directly on Facebook in a few simple clicks.
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Create a Fundraiser

Page Fundraiser Features

Matching Donations

Pledging to match donations is a way to motivate friends, fans, and consumers to donate.*

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Recurring Donations

Donors can now choose to give a one-time or monthly recurring gift.

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No Fees

Facebook charges no fees on donations made to nonprofits using Facebook payments.

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Thank You Tool

Interact and thank the people who created fundraisers on behalf of your organization.

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Unique URL

Every landing page has a unique URL that can be used anywhere: in email marketing, Facebook posts, your website or other channels.

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Payment & Reporting

Detailed information about payment, payout and reporting processes for fundraising.


    1. From a desktop, visit:

    2. Click Raise Money

    3. When asked Who are you raising money for?, select Nonprofit

    4. Select your desired nonprofit by searching for the name in the search bar

    5. Click the dropdown prompt under Who is organizing the Fundraiser?

    In the dropdown, the person creating the Fundraiser will see their personal Profile, along with any other Pages they admin that have been approved to create Fundraisers. Select the Page you want to create the Fundraiser from.

    6. Add a fundraising goal, currency and deadline, then hit Next

    7. Fill in the title and description of your Fundraiser, and hit Next

    8. Lastly, pick a cover photo, hit Create, and your Fundraiser will be live to the public

    1. On a desktop, create a Fundraiser for your nonprofit from your organization’s Facebook Page
    2. Click the … More button on your Fundraiser and click Match Donations
    3. Click Choose Pledge Amount
    4. Select the dollar amount that your organization wishes to pledge, or click Other to enter your specific match amount
    5. Enter your payment source and click Schedule Payment to confirm your pledge amount
    6. Click Done to exit this screen

    Build Momentum

    Supporters can easily donate and share their Fundraiser with others directly on Facebook in just a few taps. Learn more about Supporter Fundraisers.

    Recommended Best Practices

    1. Tap into a dedicated community across multiple channels & platforms to drive awareness to your Facebook Page Fundraiser early in the campaign.
    2. Involve your audience. Interact with supporters on your Fundraiser page to incentivize and get fans excited about the goal.
    3. Schedule a Live video to talk to your supporters about the cause and why it matters to you.
    4. Monitor the donations and give updates on your fundraising progress. Increase goals when necessary.
    5. Offer to match donations made to your Fundraiser to incentivize giving.
    6. Reveal “milestones” reached and encourage sharing.
    7. Say thanks! Be sure to thank your supporters early and often.

    Eligibility & Requirements

    • Page Fundraisers are only available in select regions—see eligibility.
    • Fundraiser creators must be an admin of the Facebook Page.
    • Page Fundraisers can only be created on desktop.

    Resources & Next Steps