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Inspire others to fundraise on your behalf.

Nonprofit fundraisers let people raise money for your nonprofit on Facebook. Your supporters can set up a dedicated fundraising page to share their story, tell others about your mission and rally around a fundraising goal.

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Inspire others to share
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We believe that fundraising is for everyone. Even if your supporters have no previous fundraising experience, our fundraising tools make it easy for them to inform and inspire friends and families, and work together to raise money for
your cause.

How it Works

Starting is Easy

We give supporters the tools to set up a dedicated fundraising page, so people can donate directly from Facebook.

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No Fees

We don’t charge fees on fundraisers for nonprofits and have removed our platform fee for personal fundraisers.

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Track Impact

Download reports to see fundraiser activity or visit your fundraiser landing page to access fundraiser pages.


Share these instructions with your supporters to help them create a fundraiser on your behalf.

To create a fundraiser for a charitable organization, all you need to do is:

  1. Visit or click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed.
  2. Click Raise Money.
  3. Click Nonprofit.
  4. Select Nonprofit/Charity.
  5. Select a charitable organization, choose a cover photo, and fill in the Fundraiser details.
  6. Click Create.

    Note: Donation and fundraising features on Facebook are not available in every area. Visit the help center to learn more.

Helpful Features

  • Adding Organizers

    People can now invite friends to manage a Fundraiser together, helping to expand their network of supporters. Just like you can add a co-admin or moderator to a Facebook Group or a co-host to your Facebook Event, you can now add up to three friends as organizers of your Fundraiser to help you manage it and rally more supporters to reach your goals.

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  • Matching Donations to Your Nonprofit Fundraiser

    People often pledge to match donations to their Facebook Fundraisers, and we wanted to make that easier. Now people who create Fundraisers can pledge to match donations up to the amount they choose, from $5 to $2,500, helping them build momentum for their cause. This feature is currently available in the U.S. and internationally for your supporter Profile, and U.S. only for an organization’s Page.

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  • Birthday Fundraisers

    People often dedicate their birthday to support a cause, and we’ve seen people using Facebook to raise money for causes they care about. For those in the US, we’ve made it easier to do this by giving people, public figures, and brand Pages the opportunity to create a fundraiser for their birthday directly on Facebook.

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  • Fundraiser Landing Page

    Your fundraiser landing page is a place where people can create a fundraiser for your nonprofit, see existing fundraisers from other supporters and learn how Facebook fundraisers work. Every landing page has a unique URL that can be used anywhere: in email marketing, Facebook posts, your website or other channels.

    You can find an approved organization’s customized nonprofit landing page by going to This link automatically opens up fundraiser so it’s just a few clicks for a supporter to launch a fundraiser on your behalf. For example, Feeding America would go to:

  • Thank a Fundraiser Creator

    Page Admins can thank fundraiser creators with a thank you post directly on their fundraiser page. Your thank you post will appear on the the creator’s fundraiser page. Admins can also comment on donation Stories, to thank donors as well as the fundraiser creator.

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Recommended Best Practices

  • Inform and inspire. You want to motivate as many friends as possible to give to your nonprofit of choice so you can amplify your impact. That means educating your friends, and telling the story of why this cause matters to you.
  • Stay involved. Check in and comment often, call out your friends to thank them when they donate, and encourage them to share the Fundraiser with more people.
  • Present a strong call-to-action. Giving people a milestone to work toward helps rally the crowd behind a common monetary goal.
  • Track your goals. Post announcements when you reach a fundraising goal, to remind people and keep them motivated. And if you reach your goal early, celebrate by raising the bar and setting the goal higher.
  • Offer a match. If it’s possible for you, offer to match your friends’ donations. With new matching tools, we’re making it easy to offer matching for those who can make it happen.
  • Share inspiring content. An inspiring video or relevant story can help keep your friends motivated and inspired. With Facebook Live video, you can even go live and be the source of inspiration yourself.
  • Take it offline. If possible, host an in-person party or event to continue getting your friends excited about the cause and your goal.
  • Follow up. At the end of the fundraising event, always report and celebrate the impact that your friends’ donations had on advancing the nonprofit’s mission.


  • Keep in mind that supporters must be at least 18 years old to create a personal fundraiser.
  • Donation and Supporter Fundraisers are only available in select regions. See eligibility or visit the help center to learn more.

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