Social Impact | Crisis Response

Timely, direct support.

Crisis Response enables nonprofits and businesses to offer information about critical services to the most relevant people during and after a crisis.

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Safety Check & Crisis Pages

Reach and offer support to the most relevant people affected by crisis.

  • Safety Check

    When people affected by a crisis post to Facebook about an incident, Safety Check may be activated. Safety Check prompts people in the crisis area to mark themselves as safe, then sends them to the dedicated Crisis Page where they can ask for, or offer, help.

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  • Crisis Response Pages

    When Safety Check has been activated, a dedicated Facebook Crisis Page that contains information about the active crisis is created to help bring people together, who are located in the affected areas. People, nonprofits and businesses can post to a specific Crisis Page to find and offer help following a crisis.

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See how people came together to support each other

People across the world use Facebook to connect and support each other in a crisis. Learn how you can use Crisis Response during and after a crisis to mark yourself safe, give or find help, raise money, and get information.

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“We’ve found the most efficient way to activate large audiences in times of crisis is using the [Social Impact] tools Facebook has created to make it easier for nonprofits and supporters to join forces and make impact.”

– Direct Relief

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Eligibility & Requirements

Crisis Response posts must follow these guidelines:

  • They must follow our Community Standards.
  • The must be relevant to the crisis.
  • They can’t be promotional in nature or contain commercial offers.
  • If you’ve successfully given help, let people know.

Currently posting on Crisis Response on Facebook is only available on desktop to whitelisted partners. If you’re interested in using this feature contact us.

Resources & Next Steps