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Dove helps boost youth self-esteem using Facebook Groups.

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Dove used Facebook Groups, Mentorship and Guides to digitize and share its self-esteem curriculum among a greater number of parents—giving them more confidence in knowing how to talk to their children about self-esteem.

“The Dove Self-Esteem Project has been helping young people feel more confident in their own skin since 2004. We’re really proud to be the largest provider of self-esteem education in the world, reaching over 60 million young people in 142 countries. In 2020, we formed a unique partnership with Facebook, bringing the Dove tools and resources to leaders of amazing Facebook Groups focused on parenting. We worked with the leaders of these communities to offer a body image curriculum and 1-to-1 Mentorship to help parents support each other and their children.”

– Sophie Galvani, Global brand VP, Dove


  • 266 conversations held across four Facebook Groups
  • ~8K parents reached during each conversation
  • 2K+ Guides completed
  • 95 Mentorship pairs
  • 82% surveyed said they were more confident talking to their child about self-esteem
  • 74% surveyed said it helped impact their own self-esteem
  • 86% surveyed agree the partnership positively impacted their communities
  • 79% surveyed agree the partnership positively impacted their perception of Dove


Globally, 8 out of 10 girls with low body esteem put their health at risk by not seeing a doctor or by skipping meals. So, in 2004, Dove created The Dove Self-Esteem Project to help young people overcome body image issues and fulfill their potential by building positive body confidence and self-esteem. Through its self-esteem educational programs, Dove has reached over 60 million young people in 142 countries around the world. By 2030, the company is aiming to help a quarter of a billion people through its educational programs.


With more people staying inside with their families because of the global pandemic, Dove wanted to give parents resources to help their children gain body positivity.

“In a world that constantly tells young people how they should look and has a narrow definition of ‘beautiful,’ how can we help young people stay true to themselves, and see their value beyond their appearance?”

– Stacie June Shelton, Global Head of Education & Advocacy, Dove Self Esteem Project


In 2020, Dove partnered with leaders from four Facebook Groups focused on parenting to extend the reach and impact of its self-esteem tools and resources.

Creating the right curriculum

The Dove Self-Esteem Project worked with experts in the fields of psychology, health and body image to create a pilot program built from evidence-based resources. Many of the resources were proven to significantly develop and increase body confidence and self-esteem in young people, while also teaching them how to form healthy friendships, overcome body image issues and be their best selves. Using these resources, the program was designed to help guide parents and teenagers through confidence-boosting mini-lessons and self-esteem education.

Fostering trust

By working with Group leaders as ambassadors for The Dove Self-Esteem Curriculum, Dove was able to build trust and transparency within these parenting Facebook Groups. The program further helped enrich these parenting communities by empowering group members to find support, give advice and foster rich and meaningful connections through one-on-one Mentorship directly on Facebook.

Within a Facebook Group, Mentorship provides a way for people in search of support and advice to connect with people who have the expertise or experience to help. When an admin turns on Mentorship, anyone in a Group can browse and choose their own mentorship partner based on the specific interests that people list when they sign up to participate. They can reach out directly to the partner with a request and communicate in a one-on-one space in Messenger with helpful prompts to guide them.

Driving results

During the pilot run of the program, the four communities held a total of 266 conversations about self-esteem, with each conversation reaching up to 8K people at a time. Throughout the course of the pilot program, over 2,000 Guides were completed by participants.

Parents who joined the conversations were also given a survey about the experience so Dove could see if its efforts were worthwhile. After reviewing the results, Dove found that participants received high value and increased confidence from participating in the program.


Working with four Facebook Groups to share The Dove Self-Esteem Curriculum, the company was able to reach a greater audience than it could have otherwise. Through social impact tools like Mentorship and Guides, Dove was able to boost self-esteem knowledge and confidence. among parents and their children.

Additional Thoughts

“Building community is at the core of Facebook’s mission. Our community leaders build and lead groups to foster rich and meaningful connections among members. Parenting communities are among the fastest-growing groups on Facebook. Through this pilot we explored the impact of combining Dove’s self-esteem curriculum with the passion and expertise of our parenting communities to reach even more people. Our goal is to understand how our brands and communities can come together on Facebook to offer education, tools and support, with social impact and community at the core.”

–John Canterella, VP Social Impact & Community Partnerships