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Powerful tools to help you make a positive real-world impact.

Fundraising Tools

We’re committed to helping nonprofits raise money through Facebook. To make it easier for you and your community to raise money on Facebook, we’ve built tools to help nonprofits and their supporters fundraise. Learn more about how to verify and apply for Facebook Fundraising tools.

Crisis Response Tools

Crisis Response enables nonprofits and businesses to offer information about critical services to the most relevant people during and after a crisis. Click Here for eligibility and usage and how to become a whitelisted partner.

Health Tools

Our health tools aim to help identify health emergencies, provide tools and alert providers so people get the help they need faster. Facebook has created tools like Suicide Prevention, and Blood Donations to help support those who need help to find help. Click Here for eligibility and usage for our Blood Donations tool. Learn More about how Facebook uses machine learning for Suicide Prevention.


We believe that creating and nurturing the right new relationships can unlock positive outcomes, and this is where Mentorship & Support comes in—it’s a tool that connects those who seek support and guidance with those who have the right experience to help.

The Mentorship tool allows organizations to launch a scalable mentorship program, or provide an additional layer of support for existing mentorship programs.

Click Here for eligibility and usage.

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The primary communication on Facebook happens through posts, as it’s the easiest always available way to talk to some or all of your followers.

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