Page Insights

What are Page Insights?

The Insights section on your Page helps you measure how people are interacting with your Page and posts. You can quickly see the volume and type of people who are viewing your Page activity. When you know more about the people you reach, you’ll be able to post more of what they love.

When should I use Page Insights for my nonprofit?

After you’ve set up your Page and have at least 30 likes, the Insights section will automatically show info about the people engaging with your Page and posts. Page Insights let you track who’s engaging with your posts on a monthly, weekly and daily basis.

How Can I Use Page Insights for My Nonprofit?

You can:

  • Measure how many people each of your posts have reached.
  • Identify the posts that people are liking, commenting on and sharing to find the types of posts that resonate best with your supporters.
  • Learn more about your supporters such as their gender and where they’re located, to inform your campaign strategy and targeting.
  • Export your metrics to do further analysis or to look into a date range that’s different from the quick view dashboards.

How Do I Use Page Insights?

Page Insights has several useful sections:

  1. Overview—A snapshot of recent Page activity. There’s also a Pages to Watch section, so you can see how organizations like yours are using their Pages.
  2. Likes—A breakdown of total Page likes and where they came from.
  3. Reach—How many people saw your posts and how they reacted to them.
  4. Page Views—How many people visited your Page and what sections they’re looking at.
  5. Actions on Page — You can see what people do when they see your Page information — like clicking on your website link or clicking “get directions.”
  6. Posts—Insights on posting. You’ll see when people are online most, the types of posts they respond to and how other Pages reach their supporters.
  7. Videos—How often people have watched your videos.
  8. People—See the demographics of the people who like your page.

You can also export Page, post and video data for any date range you desire by clicking Export in the upper right corner of the Insights tab.To learn more about determining the right metrics to track, visit the Campaign Strategy Page.

Intelligent and Actionable Business Insights

Fundraising Insights

Nonprofits are hungry to gain a better understanding of the fundraising activity that’s happening on Facebook. Fundraising Insights was created to enable nonprofits to grow their Facebook fundraising impact through intelligent and actionable business insights.

Fundraising Insights is a dashboard found within Page Insights of your nonprofit’s Facebook Page. It provides real-time data on the number of fundraisers created for your nonprofit on Facebook, in addition to the number of donations that your nonprofit has received through Facebook fundraising.

Access the Dashboard:

Fundraising Insights is available for all onboarded nonprofit Pages and visible to all Page admins. To access Fundraiser Insights visit: NonprofitPageName with your URL/insights?section=navFundraisers.

  • You can access Fundraising Insights data starting from January 30, 2020.
  • Count includes all Facebook donations made directly to the nonprofit from fundraisers, donate button on post and live video campaigns on Facebook.
  • Fundraising Insights does not currently include fundraising activity from Instagram.