Social Impact | Mentorship

Build meaningful relationships.

Mentorship provides a way for people in search of support and advice to connect with people who have the expertise or experience to help.

Mentorship Features

Find Support & Advice

Mentorship helps those seeking support and advice to find and nurture relationships with those who have the expertise or experience to help.

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Scale Your Mentorship Program

Mentorship allows organizations to launch a scalable mentorship program, or provide an additional layer of support for existing mentorship programs.

S.H.E. Trucking

Sharae Moore started the S.H.E. Trucking Facebook Group, and used Mentorship to support and empower a community of women truck drivers.

Product Overview & How It Works

  • Product Overview

    When admins turn on Mentorship, Group members can elect to sign up and add details about the experiences and expertise they can share as a mentor, or the topics and areas they’re looking for help with as a mentee.

    Anyone in a Group can browse and choose their own mentorship partner based on the specific interests that people list when they sign up to participate.

    They can reach out directly to the partner with a request and communicate in a one-on-one space in Messenger with helpful prompts to guide them.

  • How It Works

    Sign-up: Group members can create a Mentorship profile and share what they’re offering or looking for in a mentorship.

    Find a partner: Group members can browse a list of available partners to find a match based on specific interests, and request to start a mentorship.

    Get connected: Once their request is accepted, the pair is connected in a one-on-one space on Messenger.

    Guided Mentorship: Partners can also receive structured prompts with actions and discussion topics to help the pair reach their goals.

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“The Facebook Mentorship Program is a game-changer for our group. Having experienced mentors work together with knowledge-hungry mentees allows members to really focus on specific needs, issues and goals and become better prepared to meet the needs of their employers. It has already been a huge success for our members, and we have new mentors and mentees signing up daily.”

– Linda McGrath-Cruz, Perfectly Paralegal Group


We’re currently rolling out to all Groups for which Mentorship would be a valuable resource. If your organization or Group is interested in helping us to test this product before it’s available everywhere, please email us at Mentorship is only available to individuals 18 years and older.