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British Red Cross uses Messenger and Instagram Direct to raise awareness for their cause and drive donation intent

British Red Cross wanted to test new ways to engage and convert their audience across Meta technologies. They partnered with Meta and Spectrm to set up and deploy a fully automated messaging experience on Instagram and Facebook focused on one of their brand values: kindness.

To promote the Kindness chatbot, they ran Messenger and Instagram Direct ad campaigns along with their business as usual (BAU) activity with the aim of raising awareness for their cause (+9.3-point lift) and driving donation intent (+5.5-point lift).

The objective was to put the power of kindness into action. Through the virtual messaging assistant, the audience was able to learn more about the power of kindness (leveraging British Red Cross support and resources), show interest in volunteering and make donations to support people in Ukraine. The bot was promoted across Facebook and Instagram with bespoke creative ads driving to the Messenger or Instagram Direct bot. This campaign also ran alongside the British Red Cross BAU donation appeal campaign. The campaign intended to measure if including a Messenger bot in the BAU strategy could drive incremental awareness and donation. By including a Messenger bot in the BAU activity, they aimed to test a longer journey and to connect with people to build long-term relationships and loyalty for the British Red Cross.

As part of this campaign, British Red Cross leveraged one of Meta's measurement solutions by setting up a Brand Lift study to measure the incremental impact of advertising on campaign awareness, awareness of the donation appeal and donation intent. The campaign reached more than 4,6 Million people in the United Kingdom and successfully drove +14.5-point lift in ad recall, +9.3-point lift in donation appeal awareness and +5.5-point lift in donation intent.

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