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Cancer Research UK uses AR Ads to raise awareness of cancer

Augmented Reality (AR) ads are a new format and Cancer Research UK (CRUK) wanted to understand if using it as part of its business-as-usual activity would help in driving awareness and donations. CRUK used a combination of their business-as-usual ads including image and video, focusing on conversions and complimented this with the Facebook AR ads, targeting 18+ men and women in the United Kingdom, focusing on reach to drive awareness of the message.

The campaign included their business-as-usual messaging focusing on how everyone needs to play a role in beating cancer. Working with MITP and Meta Creative Shop, the AR ad element aimed to bring to life the role everyone can play via creating a playful AR experience where individuals could PLAY their part through finding 5 hidden cancer facts.

The campaign reached over 7 million people, successfully drove 2.4 pt increase in intent to donate and 7.1 pt increase in ad recall.

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