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Increasing awareness and increasing affinity for a cause using Augmented Reality (AR) filters

It Gets Better Mexico ran a campaign to generate awareness of the importance of using Inclusive Spanish Language (ISL) within and beyond the LGTBQ+ community. In classic Spanish, nouns come in two genders, using the letter “o” to note masculine and “a” for feminine — as in niño for boy and niña for girl — thus, effectively excluding Trans and Non Binary people from conversation.The relatively newer Inclusive Spanish Language is designed to go beyond neutral, acknowledging Non-Binary and Trans people by replacing the “o” or “a” with “e” (as in niñe for kid).

In partnership with music creators, It Gets Better Mexico adapted the lyrics of popular Latin American songs to ISL and created a karaoke AR filter so people could sing the songs and learn about the use of ISL. The creators' posts were then used as AR ads to invite people to use the AR filter. In the filter, there was a call-to-action which sent people to a landing page to learn more about ISL.

The interactive and fun component of AR filters helped drive ad recall, familiarity and action intent among the male audience. Using creators to invite sing and learn with their songs prove to be a good strategy to connect with the audience. It provided empathy and drew attention from not only their fans, but also helped to create a more interactive and fun way to use ISL with their lyrics.

The campaign, which targeted men aged 18-44, used placement optimization, and ran on Facebook and Instagram Feed and Stories. The campaign drove a 3.5-point lift in ad recall, 2.9-point lift in familiarity and 2.5-point lift in action intent. The campaign drove 103,000 clicks to It Gets Better Mexico's website.

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