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Population Services International (Cambodia)

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Using Bokator references to slow the spread of COVID-19

Population Services International ran a reach campaign to encourage people to fight COVID-19 by referring to Bokator, an ancient Cambodian martial art. Bokator was referenced throughout the campaign as a way to illustrate that COVID-19 was a battle that could be fought with safety measures. Kbach Kun Khmer or Kun Lbokator (also Bokator for romanized version) is Cambodian martial art and played an important role for the protection of territory of the Khmer Empire.

The campaign targeted 18-65 year olds and included two videos that ran across Facebook and Instagram.

The campaign reached 6.4 million people and accurately conveyed the importance of fighting COVID-19 and hand washing. The campaign successfully drove a 2.5 pt increase in the belief that hand washing is important to slow the spread of COVID-19.