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Using existing creators’ content, Alzheimer’s Society UK launches an unforgettable campaign

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Alzheimer’s Society UK leveraged existing creators' content to reach new audiences with a video campaign on Facebook and Instagram. The ‘Football should be unforgettable’ campaign successfully captured hearts and minds of a football loving audience during the 2022 World Cup, without having to create new content.


Alzheimer’s Society UK is a United Kingdom care and research charity for people with dementia and their carers. With their existing creative campaigns, ASUK was struggling to reach new audiences to increase awareness for their cause.


With the upcoming 2022 World Cup, Alzheimer’s Society wanted to introduce dementia to a football-fan audience, an audience that is less-familiar with dementia and difficult to engage with non-football related content.

ASUK collaborated with Charlie Moose (@charliemoose_), who had posted organic videos on Instagram with his grandad highlighting the positive impact football, particularly going to live matches, can have on someone living with dementia. The perfect topical content to captivate a football loving audience. ASUK developed a series of short mobile optimized videos leveraging Charlie’s existing content, and launched the campaign across Facebook and Instagram during the 2022 World Cup.

  • Topical content helps cut through the noise and engage new audiences. Ensure there is a clear connection with the core message of your cause.
  • Strong content does not have to cost the world. Partner with creators to identify authentic content that emotionally resonates with your audience and aligns with your cause.
  • Follow Meta’s core mobile video best practices for your campaign: leverage short videos (15s or less) and a mix of square and vertical formats across Facebook and Instagram.
  • Convey a simple and clear message ownable for your organization.
  • Leverage measurement solutions like our Brand Lift test to understand the incremental impact on new audiences.