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Creative best practices when designing mobile-first ad creative

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Connect more effectively with people to drive action

Mobile devices have changed the way people engage with content, as they have the power to engage with what they want and when they want it. So what does this mean for your organization? It means that thoughtfully designed, mobile-first creative can help you connect more effectively with people, especially when you want to drive action to support your social causes.

Start your creative development by reviewing our 5 creative considerations

Through a qualitative review and in-depth analysis of on-platform work, Meta Creative Shop mapped out five creative considerations on how to build successful ads for your nonprofit:

  1. Be upfront with the problem: Make a clear case for the problem to get people into the conversation.
  2. Show there is a solution, make it specific and tangible: People need to believe there is a feasible way to make an impact or they scroll right by.
  3. Ease into action: Offer an easy way to act on or off platform with a clear call-to-action.
  4. The cause is the hero: Allow the cause to shine, that is the reason why people will get involved.
  5. Share the mic: Explore giving the mic to someone who has credibility and authenticity and use your power to amplify.

Watch this video to discover more about our 5 creative considerations

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Thinking mobile first

When creating your ads consider:

  • Capturing attention quickly: Start bold to stand out immediately and convey clear, concise, single-minded messages aligned with your objective.
  • Leveraging multiple formats: To make the most of your creative, explore these tips:
    • Static ads: Shoot for a mobile audience and use the rule of thirds to make your shots more balanced, try different angles and have a single focal point. When designing ads, remember that less text is more, aim to maintain visual consistency while experimenting with visuals.
    • Videos: Create videos that are 15 seconds or less and get your main message across in the first 3 seconds, design for sound off (but delight with sound on) and highlight your brand early and often.
  • Using vertical or square formats: People hold their phones vertically so choose a vertical or square aspect ratio to cover the most screen area.

Explore our Pitch, Play, Plunge Framework when crafting your messaging strategy and planning out the formats.

Test new creative solutions

When using Facebook and Instagram, consider testing new formats.

  • Reels ads: Check out our Reels School to learn how to bring to life impactful reels, and discover some of our core best practices for Reels Ads.
  • Partner with Creators: Discover how sharing the mic can help you achieve your goals by leveraging the authentic voices of Creators in your campaigns with our Creators for causes narrative or watch the panel video.

Continuous learning

As you leverage Meta technologies, we encourage you to leverage our measurement tools, such as A/B testing and Brand Lift studies, to help you define the best strategies to drive the outcomes for your cause.

For more creative best practices, watch our on-demand video.