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Best practices for running a Brand Lift

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Make sure your measurement strategy is set up for success with these foundational questions

As a nonprofit organization, you may use measurement to learn about the effectiveness of your creative, make ad buying more efficient and help improve your campaign results. Note, Brand Lift and other measurement solutions may not be available for all advertising campaigns.

Setting up a Brand Lift, a kind of lift test where you can use brand polling and other brand awareness measurement to help understand the true value of your Meta advertising and how well it performs independent of your other marketing efforts, can help you achieve your goals in an efficient way.

Once you’ve understood the media basics for launching your ad campaign, review this checklist before setting up a Brand Lift. Aim to answer “Yes” to the below questions to help ensure you are set up for success.

Media planning
  • Have you planned your average weekly frequency to target between 1 and 2 impressions per week?
  • Have you considered the length of your campaign? Running a campaign for at least 2 weeks will help generate a minimum amount of data for a Brand Lift.
  • Are you targeting a broad, qualified audience?
  • Is your ad objective aligned to your marketing goal so you are optimizing for the results you value? For example, if your marketing goal is to drive video views, choose the Video views objective.
  • Have you used automatic placements and used all available placements? (e.g. Facebook and Instagram News Feed and Stories)?
  • Do the creative ads meet our best practices?

Media planning tools
  • If your budget allows, are you using the Reach and Frequency tool to reach the maximum people in your audience at least once or twice a week?
  • Are you using Campaign budget optimization so our system can help allocate your budget to the most efficient ad set?
  • Have you adjusted the frequency cap to reduce wasted impressions, but still meet your average weekly frequency target?

Brand Lift set up
  • Do the Brand Lift poll questions align with the true goals of the ad campaign? (e.g. if your goal is to increase awareness of your blood donation initiative, are you asking an awareness question? “Have you heard of [name of blood donation initiative]?”)
  • Do the Brand Lift questions align with the creative message and ad copy? (e.g. if your creative featured a call to action to "Stay home to save lives", are you using that same phrase in your questions?)
  • Are the questions easily understandable and succinctly phrased ?
  • Have you confirmed your organization isn’t running any active campaigns targeting the same audience with similar creative that won’t be included in the study? Tip: You can check this by reviewing other campaigns you’re running in Ads Manager. If such campaigns exist, reconsider running the study. Running other similar campaigns will compromise the Brand Lift experimental design as the control group might see ads from you. This means you will have people saying they remember seeing an ad without having been exposed to your campaign.