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Introducing enhanced recurring giving tools for nonprofits

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We’re excited to introduce enhanced recurring giving tools, offering more robust ways to help nonprofits attract and retain recurring donors on Facebook in the United States.

We heard your feedback and learned that nonprofits want a way to help drive longer-term fundraising through recurring giving on Facebook, and steward those robust supporters. We are excited to introduce enhanced Facebook recurring giving tools. These enhancements provide nonprofits in the United States with new reporting features and insights to help you acquire, engage with and retain recurring donors and build a thriving community of long-term supporters.

Recurring donors are a crucial source of revenue for nonprofits, often providing some of the highest ROI. Recurring donors tend to give more overall, have higher retention rates and provide valuable insights into your community of supporters.

Source: Meta internal data; 2021.

New ways to help drive longer-term fundraising

The following recurring giving tools are new as of October 2022 and designed to help nonprofit organizations based in the United States recruit and manage long-term donors on Facebook.

Recurring donation insights and in-depth donation metrics

Gain insights into your recurring donors with new recurring donation metrics. View graphs displaying recurring donation amounts and counts by different product sources, all easily accessible on the Insights tab of Nonprofit Manager.

Distinguish between recurring and one-time donors in transaction reports

Gain more detailed insights into your supporters in existing transaction reports that now distinguish between one-time and recurring donations. You can download these reports to help build a robust library of your supporters.

A clearer picture of recurring donors

Your recurring donors will be tagged and can be filtered in Nonprofit Manager’s supporters tab, giving you easy visibility into your long-term supporters. Continue to engage with your opted-in supporters by following up with donors via messaging from the supporter list.

Set up automated welcome messages to recurring donors

You can now create a message series to welcome new donors who sign up for recurring giving. Build a multi-step campaign to deliver a series of messages over the first few weeks after sign up, to facilitate a smooth user journey and introduction to your organization and work. These built-in customer relationship management capabilities give you an easy way to cultivate your robust community of supporters.

Keep recurring donors engaged

When someone makes a donation or creates a fundraiser on Facebook, they will see a screen that prompts them to connect with your organization. Page follow, Messenger and email sharing are all now turned on by default (if your nonprofit organization’s page has Messenger turned on), with a simple one-click “Save” required from users. These updated automated opt-out settings will help facilitate easier ongoing communications with your long-term supporters.

You will be able to connect directly with your opted-in supporters for meaningful interactions via Messenger. Note: You can only directly reach a donor if the donor stays opted-in after making a donation by choosing to receive updates from your organization. The opted-in supporter information will be accessible on the Supporter List tab of Nonprofit Manager and in Transaction reports.

Create a recurring giving campaign

To help nonprofits inspire followers to become recurring donors, Facebook recently launched a recurring giving campaign tool. Similar to other Facebook fundraisers, it enables nonprofits to create a time-sensitive fundraiser specifically for recurring donations. Rather than have a revenue goal, nonprofits can target a number of recurring donors to be signed up through the campaign.

When used in conjunction with enhanced reporting, new supporter engagement and other tools, this new feature can help you run an effective end-to-end recurring program on Facebook and cultivate your community of long-term supporters.

As always, Meta does not charge any processing donation fees so everything raised through fundraisers on our platform goes directly to the organization.

Watch the recurring giving tools video

Disclaimer: At Meta, we are constantly looking to improve our products and services. As we make adjustments and add new features to keep our recurring giving tools helpful for everyone, please note that the product covered in this video might differ from the version you currently use.

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