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Nonprofit Manager is a dedicated space for nonprofit organizations on Facebook

The interface supports nonprofits in their fundraising operations' management, provides actionable insights on campaign performances and makes engaging with supporters easier, all in one location.

Notifications and support dedicated to nonprofits

Nonprofit Manager provides what you need to stay up-to-date. Get notifications about new features available to you, but also on payouts, onboarding status and fundraising eligibility.

The Home page of Nonprofit Manager allows you to be more reactive as well. It offers tips for strengthening and keeping momentum on your fundraising campaigns. Suggestions may include sharing updates on your fundraisers in progress, helping your supporters feel connected to your campaign by posting about your impact or going Live.

Nonprofit Manager is also a place where you can access FAQ and Help Center articles dedicated to nonprofit organizations and fundraising tools.

A more functional way to engage with your supporters

With Nonprofit Manager, interacting with all your supporters becomes more accessible. You can instantly encourage supporters who are fundraising on your behalf, and show donors your appreciation by reacting or commenting directly on their donation posts.

Save time with filters that enable you to organize your lists of supporters by activity (e.g., Organized a fundraiser; Donated) and thanking status. Segment your list and easily follow up with the right messages to the right audience.

You can also connect directly with your opted-in supporters for meaningful interactions via Messenger. Note that you can directly reach a donor only if the donor opted-in after making a donation by choosing to receive updates from your organization.

The fundraising dashboard

Nonprofit Manager enables you to view your ongoing fundraising activities and manage your operations from one central location. Evaluate the performance of your owned active campaigns, and follow up on the progress of fundraising campaigns created on your behalf. Download and view fundraiser reports, review past campaigns, create new ones, access your payout hub and more.

Insights in one click

Explore key donation metrics by clicking on the Insights tab of your Nonprofit Manager menu. Find data visualizations showing donations and fundraiser creations. Metrics can be viewed as a collective sum or broken down by specific campaign types (Birthday, API, Generic, Donate Button on Post and Page Donate Button). Note: Insights dashboards are only available for nonprofit organizations that have enrolled to use Facebook’s fundraising tools.

Accessing Nonprofit Manager

1. To access the Nonprofit Manager, check that you meet the requirements. First, be sure to have transitioned your Nonprofit Facebook Page to the New Page Experience. Then, connect to Facebook via your desktop (currently not available on mobile devices.

2. Next, log onto Facebook and switch from your personal account to your nonprofit Page account.

3. Once there, access the Nonprofit Manager in one of three ways:
- Find and click on it from the left Bookmark menu
- From the Professional Dashboard, under either ‘Tools to try’ or ‘Your tools’
- Enter “Nonprofit Manager” in the search bar, or use the address

Watch the Nonprofit Manager video:

Disclaimer: At Meta, we are constantly looking to improve our products and services. As we make adjustments and add new features to keep our Facebook Nonprofit Manager helpful for everyone, please note that the product covered in this video might differ from the version you currently use.

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