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Navigating the new Page permissions

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Learn how to share access and control of your Page with Page permissions.


We recently rolled out the new Pages experience to government, political and advocacy organizations on Facebook. The new Pages experience offers new and improved Page management and security features that make it simpler to use our platforms and create meaningful conversations and connections online.

After you transition over to the new Pages experience, you will notice some key differences in Page roles, specifically the two divisions of Facebook Access and Task Access.

Let’s dive into the feature differences between those with Facebook Access and those with Task Access.

Facebook Access

With Facebook Access, you can grant people you trust access to manage the Page on your behalf, directly from Facebook.

Full control: You can allow people with Facebook Access to have full control of the Page, meaning they can grant access to others, remove anyone from the Page or delete the Page (this is the equivalent of Admin access on your classic Page experience).

You can grant full control of the Page to people you trust, and they will be able to manage features on Facebook and via Facebook tools, including:

  • Insights
  • Ads
  • Content
  • Community activity and messages
  • Settings
  • Permissions

Partial control: Alternatively, you can give people with Facebook Access partial control of your Page to help manage it without giving full admin access to control Page settings and permissions.

  • Insights
  • Ads
  • Content
  • Community activity and messages

Note: anyone who was an admin on your Page will continue to have full control and all of the same access on the new Page experience. Those with Editor access will also be able to manage the Page from Facebook.

People who previously held other roles on their classic Page (such as Advertiser or Analyst) will be assigned Task Access.

Task Access

Those with Task Access have potential access to the following permissions:

  • Content such as creating, managing or deleting posts, Stories and more. This access allows the admin to respond to comments and update Page information.
  • Messages: Send and respond to direct messages as the Page, and other functionality in Inbox.
  • Community Activity: Review and respond to comments, remove unwanted content and report activity on the Page.
  • Ads: Create, manage and delete ads. Boost posts in Ads Manager, Creator Studio and Business Manager.
  • Insights: See how the Page, content, ads and other metrics perform.

A key difference between your experience on your classic Page and the new Pages experience is that those with Task Access are only able to manage the Page via Facebook Business Suite and Creator Studio. They no longer have access to the Page via Facebook and are not able to access your Page’s News Feed.

By utilizing Facebook Access and Task Access, you can assign members of your team the right level of Page roles to ensure that everyone has access to the Page tools and resources that they need at the level they need.

For example, if you have a teammate collecting analytics on your content, you can assign that person Task Access without needing to open up other feature capabilities on your Page. You can also grant only advertising access to a firm you hire for digital advertising. The increased flexibility with Facebook Access and Task Access allows you to customize your setup to meet your needs.

To learn more about the new Page experience, check out our other blog post explaining new features and functionality, or visit our Help Center.