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On-Facebook Donation Ads for nonprofit organizations

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Best practices to keep in mind when using On-Facebook Donation Ads

Update: As of October 20, 2022, check out the new onsite conversion objective for On-Facebook Donation Ads by reading the updated post below.

We know one of your biggest goals as nonprofit marketers includes raising funds for your cause or organization. At Meta, we want to make it easier than ever for you to garner more donations. This is why we are launching a new onsite conversion optimization for On-Facebook Donation Ads, which will provide your supporters a seamless donation experience by bringing the transaction onto the Facebook platform, and a more robust ad optimization to find supporters more interested in financially supporting your organization.

Set up your campaign

On-Facebook Donation Ads is available to all nonprofits who are onboarded to our Facebook Fundraising Tools.

To create your On-Facebook Donation Ads campaign, go to Ads Manager and select 'Create'. When setting up your campaign, keep the following considerations in mind:

1. Under 'Buying type', choose 'Auction'. When choosing a campaign objective, select the Sales Objective. Name your new campaign. Click 'Next' once you are finished.

2. Confirm the Campaign details on the following screen and declare any Special Ad Categories as needed. Do not turn on 'Catalog'. Click 'Next' once you are finished.

3. Name your new ad set, then under 'Conversion location', select 'Facebook Donation'. During this step, you will also select your budget, bid strategy, audience, placements, performance goal optimization and delivery. We recommend using the NEW Optimization for Ad Delivery setting - Onsite conversion, to drive donations on Facebook.

Please select 'Manual placements' and 'Facebook Feed' only. We hope to expand the ad format and placements available for On Facebook Donation Ads in the future

4. Now you can name your ad, select the Page you will be running the On-Facebook Donation Ads from and select 'Single Image' or 'Video' for your ad form. We recommend following the mobile-first creative best practices for cause driven ideas for your creative.

5. Click the 'Publish' button, and your ad is live

Key features
  • Two unique Custom Audiences: By using On-Facebook Donation Ads, you will have the ability to target two new Custom Audiences including previous fundraiser creators and previous donors. These Custom Audiences are the most direct way for your organization to re-engage with previous fundraiser creators and donors.
  • Reporting metrics: With On-Facebook Donation Ads, you can measure the number of On-Facebook donations, donate conversion value and donation return on advertising spend (ROAS). These metrics can be found under ‘Standard Events’ when customizing your reporting columns. Please be sure to add these new column titles to your Ads Manager view if interested.
    • Meta Donations: The number of donate events that occurred within a Facebook-owned property (such as Pages or Instagram) and are attributed to your ads.
    • Meta Donate Conversion Value: The total value of on-Facebook donate conversions.
    • Meta Donation ROAS: The total return on ad spend from On-Facebook Donation Ads, calculated as total donation value divided by total amount spent. This is based on the value of all On-Facebook Donate conversions attributed to your ads.

Transaction Report

Ads Manager reporting metrics is able to include all actions attributed to your ad (both click-through and view-through, based on the attribution options selected in your window). On the other hand, charitable giving transaction reports are unable to attribute a view-through donation to an ad; however, these reports continue to provide information about each donor and donation.

We recommend that partners use both Ads Manager and Transaction Reports together for the most complete monitoring of your On-Facebook Donation Ads performance.

Nonprofits play an important role in our society, and implementing these creative considerations can help your organization drive more positive change, and do more good.

For more information about On-Facebook Donation Ads, watch our fireside chat video.

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