Mother’s Day Fundraising Guide For Nonprofits

Holidays and cultural moments are great opportunities to raise awareness and money. By matching the right occasion with the right audience, you can create real energy. Mother’s Day is the perfect case in point. Use Facebook to leverage Mom’s special day and connect with your supporters.

Four Ways to Get the Most from Mother’s Day

    Verified nonprofit Pages can now create a fundraiser from their Page. Set a goal and a deadline for your fundraiser. Supporters can donate directly on Facebook in a few clicks. NOTE: Page Fundraiser creation is currently available on desktop to verified Pages using Facebook’s Charitable Giving tools. Business admins of a Page can only create a Fundraiser through Business Manager.

    How to create a fundraiser:

    1. Visit
    2. Click the Raise Money button.
    3. Select the nonprofit you want the fundraiser to benefit when asked “Who are you raising money for?
    4. Who is organizing the fundraiser?” click the dropdown menu. The person creating the fundraiser will see their personal profile, along with any other Pages they Admin that are eligible for creating fundraisers. Select the nonprofit Page you wish to create a Fundraiser for.
    5. Add a fundraising goal and deadline, and hit Next.
    6. Fill in the title and description of your fundraiser, and hit Next.
    7. Last step: pick a cover photo. Then hit Create, and your fundraiser will be live to the public.

    The Donate button is a simple, unobtrusive way to encourage your followers to contribute to your cause. You can add a donate button to your Page header and posts, making it easy for supporters to contribute in just a few taps

    Here’s how you can put it to work for you:
    1. Go to your nonprofit’s Page
    2. Select Add a button, or if you have a button, hover over, and select Edit Call to Action
    3. Select Donate through the drop-down
    • Select Donate through Facebook if you’ve already signed up to use Facebook’s Charitable Giving Tools
    • Select Donate through a website if you want to direct users to your site

    Facebook is a great place for people to share their passions. This makes it an ideal place for them to raise money for their favorite nonprofit. (Yours!) They can share their personal stories, tell friends about your mission, and rally around a fundraising goal.

    Facebook offers plenty of effective, easy-to-use fundraising tools. Encourage your supporters to use them in honor of mother’s day. You can’t go wrong with any of these three proven strategies.

    1. Create a Fundraiser
    2. Go live with a Donate button
    3. Add a donate button to their posts

    Don’t forget: You can use your nonprofit’s custom landing page to showcase your supporters’ fundraisers and inspire other followers to create a fundraiser for themselves. Every landing page has a unique URL that can be used anywhere – in email marketing, in Facebook posts, on your website, or via other channels. Learn more.

    Facebook Live gives your supporters a unique opportunity to share experiences as they occur. This can be especially powerful during defining cultural moments. By adding the Donate button to their live video, these events can be leveraged to raise money for your nonprofit. All it takes is a verified Page on Facebook. Viewers can contribute in real time or after the video has been posted.

    How supporters can add a Donate button to their Live video:
    1. Your nonprofit must be signed up to use Charitable Giving Tools. See requirements.
    2. Once you are approved, supporters can go to the Facebook app on an iOS, mobile device and in the post composer tap the Live button.
    3. Before going live, tap on the “” button for more options on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Tap add donate button and select benefitting nonprofit.
    4. Go live, and the donate button for the nonprofit you selected will be attached to the bottom of your live video, allowing friends or fans to donate directly from the video as they watch or after you post the video to your Page.
    5. People will be able to see how much money has been raised.
    Build momentum in advance

    Giving supporters advance notice about your Mother’s Day fundraising goals and activities is a great way to engage them in the process. They’ll help you spread the word! Consider adding a Donate button to your posts if fundraising is your primary objective.

    Share stories that inspire

    Is there an example of how somebody’s loveable mother has benefited from your nonprofit’s work? Now’s the time to share it. Creativity is always encouraged. The story could take the form of a poem, letters, or a song. Better still, consider using Facebook Live to create a memorable storytelling event.

    Encourage people to act

    Asking supporters to submit posts that celebrate their mom is a surefire way to motivate engagement. You could even challenge your supporters to host a fundraiser in honor of their mom.

    Promote Mother’s Day gifts

    Mom’s are easy to love, but they’re not always easy to shop for. You can make it easy by posting a list of “Top Ten Mother’s Day Gifts” to your Facebook page or website.

    Leverage your influencers

    Maybe you know a community member or public figure who is a mother or who has a mom with an inspiring story to tell. Invite them to share their story on Facebook Live. If they are willing, ask them to make a donation to your fundraiser and share that to their own Page, explaining why they donated.

    Create visual posts your supporters can share

    A picture is worth a thousand words. It can also be a powerful way to engage supporters. If you have a designer, consider creating a visual that pays tribute to Mom’s special day. Encourage your followers to “borrow” it for their own use.

    Create and share a Mother’s Day profile frame

    Profile frames are a fun new way for Facebook users to express themselves. They can also give your Mother’s Day campaign an extra visual boost.

    To sign up for Facebook’s Charitable Giving Tools go here.

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