#GivingTuesday 2018 on Facebook Prep Checklist

Whether your Giving Tuesday preparations are well under way, or you’re just starting to plan, run through our checklist to make sure your nonprofit is in the know about the ways you can utilize Facebook’s suite of charitable giving tools to fundraise on November 27th.

1. Verify your Facebook Page

Having your Page verified is a requirement to signing up for Facebook Payments and accessing some of our charitable giving tools. To get the grey verification badge on your Page you must apply. Application instructions here.

2. Sign up for Facebook Payments

To access some of the features of our charitable giving tools you must sign up for Facebook Payments. Application processing time varies so make sure to apply well before Giving Tuesday.

3. Access donation reports

Once signed up for Facebook Payments you can access transaction and payout reports. This information helps you understand who donated to your organization and how much was donated to your organization through donate buttons and fundraisers on Facebook. See details.

4. Promote the recurring donation option

Facebook has recently added the ability for donors to opt-in to give monthly. Consider calling that out in your promotions to encourage recurring donations.

5. Create a Page fundraiser

Brands, public figures and nonprofits can now create a nonprofit fundraiser from their Facebook Page. Visit facebook.com/fundraisers on your desktop to get started.

6. Pledge to match donations to your fundraiser

When you create a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization on Facebook, you can also pledge to match donations to that fundraiser. Learn More.

7. Learn from last year’s findings

We’ve compiled learnings from last year’s Giving Tuesday campaign to help guide your fundraising efforts this Giving Tuesday. For the deep dive, download the complete report or view the infographic.

8. Review our Charitable Giving Playbook

We’ve continued to add and update our fundraising tools. Review our charitable giving playbook to learn about all the fundraising tools available to your organization. View Giving Tuesday Page.

Check back in the coming weeks for more details about what Facebook is doing to support fundraising efforts this Giving Tuesday.

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