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Hemoce Partners With Facebook to Boost Voluntary Blood Donations

“One of the main challenges of blood collection centers is to maintain a stable blood supply. Hemoce began using Facebook’s Blood Donation feature as a new channel of communication with donors. Our goal is to touch people so they can act, and foster loyal and regular donors, which in turn increases the number of blood donations.”
– Dr. Luciana Carlos, Director, Hemoce


Hemoce’s mission is to act with excellence and innovation on blood and transplant support in the areas of Hematology and Hemotherapy to attend to the needs of its patients in Ceará State.

Key Takeaway

Hemoce has streamlined its voluntary blood donor outreach with assistance from Facebook’s Blood Donation feature. They are able to quickly reach donors to publicize their events or use the platform’s notifications to replenish their blood supply when there is a need. Hemoce believes that the feature has opened up a new channel of communication with donors and could eventually replace traditional recruitment strategies like emails and phone calls.

Solution Statement

Hemoce’s challenge is maintaining a stable blood supply. This requires multiple labor-intensive efforts in the form of education, marketing, and expansion of external blood drives.

Facebook’s Blood Donation feature has significantly streamlined this process.

When the need for blood arises, Hemoce’s donor recruitment and communications teams reinforce phone and email efforts and request blood donations on Facebook. With this additional mobilization and awareness push, it has been easier for Hemoce to maintain a satisfactory blood supply.


“Leveraging social media networks for the blood donation world is a fundamental pillar to broadening the donor community that is critical to our work. We have already identified blood donors who donated for the first time because of the Facebook Blood Donation tool.”
– Dr. Luciana Carlos, Director, Hemoce

Hemoce’s collaboration with Facebook is helping to strengthen their communication and relationship with donors.

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“I have always wanted to donate blood, but I had never stopped to do it. Until one day, browsing on Facebook, a message popped up asking me if I would like to register as a blood donor. I immediately clicked ‘Yes’. Since then, I felt it as my duty to go to Hemoce to donate. I realized that the place was close to me, I had time available so I decided to donate at that moment. That’ was when I donated blood for the first time. Today, I came back to Hemoce to donate blood again and I hope to make a commitment being here regularly. I believe that in the same way those notifications motivated me, they can motivate other people as well.”

Ozamira da Costa, Hemoce Blood Donor


Hemoce’s goals in using Facebook’s Blood Donation feature are to streamline their existing recruitment efforts and strengthen overall relationships with their donor base. They have found that the usage of the tool has boosted voluntary donation and helped them maintain a stable blood supply.

Help Sign Up More Donors on Facebook

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