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Hemorio Increases Blood Donations By 10% By Leveraging the Power of Facebook

“The greatest challenge Hemorio faces as a blood collection center is an insufficient number of donors. Facing this challenge requires continued efforts and expenditures to recruit in order to rebuild the blood supply. The collaboration between Hemorio and Facebook has provided us with direct access to donors with very little labor input.”
– Dr Luiz Amorim, General Director, Hemorio


Hemorio’s mission is to provide the highest standard in healthcare in the areas of Hematology and Hemotherapy and to coordinate Rio de Janeiro’s State Blood Network.

Success Story

Hemorio raised awareness for their cause and influenced donors voluntarily to donate blood with the help of Facebook’s Blood Donation feature.

Hemorio has been able to reach thousands of people, increasing the number of donors walking into their blood center, while simultaneously reducing the human labor required to achieve these results. In addition, Facebook’s Blood Donations feature has now become one of the primary modes of promoting voluntary blood donation in Brazil.

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“I would recommend other blood banks use Facebook’s blood donation feature. It has high reach and penetration rates, and internal research shows that it has the ability to attract donors. Furthermore, the tool is extremely simple to use.”

– Dr. Luiz Amorim, General Director, Hemorio


“Facebook’s Blood Donations feature has surpassed all of our expectations over the last year. It has helped to increase Hemorio’s number of blood donors by 5% in 2018, and 10% in 2019.”
– Dr Luiz Amorim, General Director, Hemorio


increase in donors from Facebook



increase in donors from Facebook



Hemorio has streamlined its voluntary blood donor outreach with assistance from Facebook’s Blood Donation feature by limiting the amount of staff time required to find donors.

  • Reaching donors faster and expediting turnaround time by catering to a population more likely to donate.
  • Reducing the need for staff engagement through phone calls and letters.
  • Incrementally diminishing the need for appeals for donors in mainstream media.

Hemorio posts blood type-specific requests to its Page on a weekly basis. They saw social media as a key way to increase their blood donor base and are seeing positive impact from Facebook’s Blood Donations feature.

Help Sign Up More Donors on Facebook

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