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Success StoryInter Milan

Inter Milan Raises €100K+ for COVID-19 Relief via Facebook Fundraiser

“This Facebook Fundraiser played a crucial role in our #TogetherAsATeam crowdfunding campaign and we are delighted with the results. Being able to reach our fans with personalized messages from players, coaches, and staff to encourage donations and bring the community together behind the cause made a huge difference.”
Alessandro Antonello, CEO Corporate, FC Internazionale Milano


The #TogetherAsATeam crowdfunding campaign for Inter Milan is the latest in a series of initiatives organized to support the fight against the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Campaign Goal

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, sports leagues worldwide have taken difficult but necessary steps to suspend operations and put the well-being of athletes and fans first. Italy, as one of the world’s epicenters, closed all non-essential businesses on March 11 to accelerate the efforts to stop the spread of the disease.

Football power Inter Milan, based in the particularly hard-hit north of Italy, looked for ways to help its region and rally support to get through this incredibly challenging crisis. The club partnered with the Francesca Rava Foundation — NPH Italia Onlus, an Italian nonprofit organization working in coordination with the Lombardy region to aid hospitals and communities affected by the coronavirus.

Inter and the Foundation turned to Facebook — where the club has over 22 million followers — to galvanize its global fanbase. The pair created a #TogetherAsATeam Facebook fundraising campaign for the Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences at the Luigi Sacco Hospital of Milan, one of the leading centers for infectious diseases and epidemiological emergencies. The club donated 500K EUR to this cause themselves, along with a 50K EUR donation from club vice president (and legendary player) Javier Zanetti. Through this Facebook Fundraiser, Inter could encourage fans to augment these efforts.

Key Takeaway

By the end, Inter raised over 108K EUR. Alongside the 550K EUR the club and Zanetti (via a 50K EUR donation from Milan’s PUPI Foundation) donated, the Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences at the Luigi Sacco Hospital of Milan received over 650K EUR through the generosity of Inter and its fans.

Solution Statement

Proceeds from the Fundraiser went to research activities at the hospital, which is currently playing a key role internationally in the development of a vaccine for COVID-19. In this way, fan contributions would help not just Italy but all countries affected by this public health emergency. Specifically, donated funds were collected to:

  • Support hospital staff and volunteer doctors
    • The Francesca Rava Foundation is mobilizing a task force of doctors, nurses, volunteer midwives, and experts to send to the most critical hospitals in the Lombardy region
  • Provide intensive care equipment for hospitals
    • This includes ventilators, flow meters, respirators, disinfectants for large areas, and ambulances
  • Send health products, baby care products, masks, and disinfectant gels to foster homes and institutions for minors
    • The Foundation’s principal focus normally is helping children in need in Italy and worldwide
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  • 108K EUR
  • Donations raised
Campaign Approach

The #TogetherAsATeam Fundraiser launched via Inter’s Facebook Pageon March 14. To activate public support, the club continually encouraged fans to donate by posting personalized messages from coaches, players, and their families. These videos emphasized the importance of staying home and supporting each other during this trying time, while also promoting donations and sharing the Fundraiser to drive awareness.

Twelve star footballers shared messages through the Facebook Fundraiser Page over its 11-day duration, along with manager Antonio Conte and club legend Zanetti. To amplify reach, Inter also posted these videos to its Instagram account, with swipe-up links in Instagram Stories to bring additional traffic to the Fundraiser Page.

While the fight against COVID-19 is far from over, this helps serve an important role in supporting health care workers in one of the world’s most impacted regions.

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