Success StoryKeep a Child Alive

Keep A Child Alive Uses Facebook During Events

Keep a Child Alive’s mission is to realize the end of AIDS for children and their families, by combating the physical, social and economic impacts of HIV.

To extend the engagement beyond the confines of the physical event, Keep a Child Alive aimed to activate a social media campaign, providing a participatory digital Black Ball gala experience.

To maximize video engagement, focus on engaging content and don’t rely on too much dialogue, particularly when targeting a global audience. Make it easy to digest, yet gripping visually.


Keep a Child Alive brought together thousands of fans to share its story and spread the word in the fight to end HIV and AIDS.

  1. Used social media to amplify fundraising for the Black Ball gala. Event attendees and fans of Alicia Keys, a co-founder of the organization, posted from the event and engaged with posts on Facebook.
  2. Increased visibility and engagement on posts by using social media to amplify publicity before and after the event. To date Alicia’s Facebook Live, used before and after the event, has garnered over 426K views, over 50K likes, almost 3K shares and 12K comments.
  3. The Instagram page also saw a significant increase in likes and followers.

Campaign Goals

Activating Social Media to Drive Events

The annual Black Ball gala is an event that brings together celebrities, art and philanthropy in the fight to end HIV and AIDS. To extend the engagement beyond the confines of the physical event, Keep a Child Alive aimed to activate a social media campaign, providing a participatory digital Black Ball experience.

  1. Facebook Live: Launched Alicia’s first Facebook Live experience for her fans, broadcasting from her rehearsal with LION BABE the night before Black Ball. This activation got Alicia’s fans excited for the annual event. The post was then shared on Keep a Child Alive and Facebook Music’s pages.
  2. Page: Posted to Keep a Child Alive’s Facebook page in the lead-up to and post Black Ball.
  3. Instagram: Used Instagram to share special behind the scenes moments with followers in real time.

Campaign Creative

Keep A Child Alive’s creative strategy is to focus on bringing the work done on the ground to life for supporters. They featured content about their programs, as well as, content created for and from the Black Ball itself. A critical part of their strategy also involves ensuring sponsors and supporter’s brands are integrated on social media in a powerful and seamless way.

Throughout the night they actively encouraged all to use #KCABlackBall – which was also incorporated into design elements, screens, signage, in the program, on table tents, vinyl on bathroom mirrors, etc. for maximum exposure. They also wrote it into speeches to ensure that it was called out from the stage. They also supply confirmed guests with language and the hashtag in advance, so that supporters can easily post during the night.

Campaign Lessons
  1. Build relationships: By responding to questions and engaging with commenters it is easy to identify active supporters and build relationships with them.
  2. Share content from other allies: Facebook is a great place to build partnerships and share information or articles that your audience should know about. Sharing from other organizations or groups allows you to reach a new audience that is already primed for your content.
  3. Ask questions: Facebook can be incredibly useful as an informal focus group. Ask questions of your audience, and see how you can support the work they are already doing.

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