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Lady Gaga Raises Over $68,000 for Youth Wellness With Facebook

Born This Way Foundation is committed to supporting the wellness of young people, and empowering them to create a kinder and braver world.

Success Story

“This is the first time we did a campaign of this type through Facebook. We were so excited about the strong response and will definitely incorporate it into our efforts moving forward!”

– Maya Enista Smith, Executive Director, Born This Way Foundation

Solution Statement

To achieve its goals of advancing wellness and empowerment among young people, Born This Way Foundation leverages rigorous academic research and authentic partnerships to provide them with improved mental health resources and kinder communities—online and offline.

Lady Gaga decided to donate her 32nd birthday to Born This Way Foundation through Facebook’s birthday fundraiser—a tool that lets public figure Pages raise money for nonprofits on Facebook.

“We’re thrilled! It was an awesome way to activate followers past liking and sharing content and to complete a higher-bar ask like donating. We were so excited to see such a strong response and so grateful to our community!”

– Maya Enista Smith, Executive Director, Born This Way Foundation


Using Facebook’s birthday Fundraiser tool, Born This Way Foundation was able to tap into Lady Gaga’s dedicated fanbase of 55+ million Facebook Page followers.


Raised, outperforming the original $6k




Shares of donation page

Campaign Goals
  • Raise awareness for Born This Way Foundation.
  • The campaign aimed to raise awareness and funds for Born This Way
    Foundation, starting with a goal of $6K, in honor of the organization’s 6th anniversary.

Multi-channel, multi-account

The organization looked beyond its own Facebook Page, posting across
a number of Born This Way Foundation-affiliated Facebook accounts
Lady Gaga’s team posted across multiple channels and platforms to
drive awareness to the Facebook Page fundraiser early in the campaign.

Think big

Develop a comprehensive campaign for your fundraiser-the more channels, platforms, and accounts you can include in your strategy, the better.

Get your supporters excited

Born This Way Foundation supporters regularly help the organization by sharing content and encouraging their friends to engage. Facebook’s Social Impact tools make it even easier for supporters to get involved.

Communicate to fans along the way

Reveal fundraising milestones, encourage sharing incentivize giving, and offer live video talks about why the cause matters to you-anything to remind supporters of the importance of reaching your goal.

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