LIVESTRONG Increases Number of Fundraisers by Connecting Facebook Fundraiser API

LIVESTRONG exists to improve the lives of people affected by cancer, now. This organization connects people fighting cancer with the services and information they need so they can take charge of their own cancer journey. They raise funds through athletic events and donation campaigns to further this mission.

LIVESTRONG wanted to see if connecting their campaigns to Facebook meant they could raise more funds, drive down $0 fundraisers, and reach a new pool of donors. They ran an A/B test in which some supporters got the chance to connect to Facebook, while the other group didn’t. The results of the test indicate that connecting to Facebook does improve those three key metrics.

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“We wanted to evaluate the performance of LIVESTRONG participants that connected their fundraisers to Facebook in comparison to participants that weren’t given the option to connect their fundraising page to Facebook and determine whether fundraising on Facebook had a significant impact on fundraising overall.”

– Jill Ruiter, VP Development & Events

Success Story

LIVESTRONG found that participants who connected their fundraisers to Facebook raised an average of $121 while participants that didn’t have a chance to connect their fundraising page raised an average of $64, with no fundraising minimum required. Additionally, 79% of participants who connected their fundraising page raised money for LIVESTRONG, while only 27% of participants not given the opportunity to connect their fundraising page raised money.

Solution Statement

LIVESTRONG turned to Facebook’s Fundraiser API to increase the effectiveness, reach and visibility of their campaigns. LIVESTRONG A/B tested to see if raising money through Facebook made a significant difference in dollars raised for the LIVESTRONG Challenge. The LIVESTRONG Challenge is a longstanding cycling event in Austin, TX that raises funds to support the LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes. Since 2015 and for specific reasons, the event does not have a fundraising minimum per rider. Between years 2015-2017 the percentage of fundraisers for the event hovered around 26%. In 2018, LIVESTRONG reported the percentage of fundraisers increased to 37%, in part due to Facebook’s Fundraiser API.


In our A/B test we found that Facebook Fundraisers have a significant impact on funds raised and LIVESTRONG‘s ability to reach new audiences.”

– Antonia Gavrilis, Director Digital Solutions & Information Technology




New donors


Average gift size


Change in $0 fundraisers

Campaign Goal

Raise awareness and funds for LIVESTRONG

LIVESTRONG provides life-changing services for people affected by cancer, drums up awareness and increases its fundraising potential with the integration of the Facebook Fundraiser API. Fundraiser API enables campaigns on the fundraising website to be mirrored on Facebook allowing people to raise money on their Facebook Fundraiser, while keeping donation information in sync between the mirrored campaigns.


Determine if fundraising on Facebook is impactful. LIVESTRONG saw an increase in the % of new or lapsed donors, % of non-$0 fundraisers, and average gift amount that demonstrate significant impact of fundraising on Facebook

Engage and reach new audiences. LIVESTRONG leveraged the network effect of Facebook to allow their participants to reach newer and broader audiences.

Campaign Lessons

Test it out. Overall, LIVESTRONG experienced an increase in dollars raised, number of gifts and number of unique donors with the participants who utilized the Facebook platform.

Track performance. LIVESTRONG saw statistically significant results when comparing the number of gifts and number of unique donors from the participants who utilized Facebook YOY.

Engage power supporters. By engaging with power supporters to leverage new tools and allowing supporters to create a fundraiser, LIVESTRONG was able to reach new audiences and champion its cause.

Connect and give. “I was pleased to find it was so easy to connect and fundraise through Facebook. Friends I may not have asked donated and I was surprised by how quickly and easily I reached my goal!”
– Mary Rastelli, LIVESTRONG Challenge participant

Recommended Best Practices

Help Your Supporters Reach Those Who Care

All of your supporters can launch a fundraiser and seamlessly sync to a Facebook fundraiser, inviting their friends directly through their News Feed.

Easily Collect

Your fundraisers can invite their friends and family to donate in just a few taps without ever leaving Facebook.

Find New

Friends can easily share Facebook fundraisers with each other, enabling a wide variety of people to support your cause. Reaching more people can help you reach your goal faster!

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