Success StoryMin Stora Dag

Min Stora Dag Raised 53,296 SEK in 3 Days to Make a Difference for Children with Critical Illnesses

“Facebook is an important platform for us, and the donation possibilities have had great impact on our fundraising. We are a small nonprofit organization and therefore opportunities to reach our target groups and offer them innovative and easy ways to donate are truly important to us.”
– Jennifer McShane, General Secretary, Min Stora Dag


Min Stora Dag (My Special Day) is a Swedish nonprofit organization that grants wishes and creates joyful activities for children and adolescents with critical illnesses and diagnoses. Every year, nearly 5,000 children experience a Special Day that creates happy childhood memories and gives a much needed break from a tough everyday life.

Min Stora Dag works with children’s clinics and other healthcare providers throughout Sweden. Its vision is that all 200,000 children in Sweden who live with critical illnesses and diagnoses will have something positive to wish for, experience and remember.

Success Story

Min Stora Dag brought awareness to their supporters about the every day struggles of children living in hospitals by successfully telling the story of Ellie on Swedish “Children in hospital” day. By donating each supporter can make a difference for children with critical illnesses and diagnoses.

Solution Statement

Min Stora Dag used a tentpole moment of Swedish “Children in hospital day” to use Facebook fundraising tools to create a Page fundraiser for the cause. They quickly raised 53,296 SEK in 3 days.


“We were able to give children wishes and joyful activities with the money raised through our Facebook fundraiser. The money was raised in support of “Children in hospital day.”
— Jennifer McShane, General Secretary, Min Stora Dag



53,296 SEK


Show/Tell People What Their Money Goes To

To acknowledge the “Children in hospital day”, Min Stora Dag told their fundraising story through the eyes of a child, Ellie, who’s battling a serious condition. Min Stora Dag also showed pictures of Ellie’s “Special Day,” to give her a break from a tough every day life in the hospital. For Min Stora Dag it is important that there is a concrete and real story connected to the fundraiser, so supporters understand where the money that is donated will go.

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“This was our second successful campaign using Facebook fundraising tools. Our first campaign was hugely successful on the platform over the holiday giving season so we thought to use a moment like “Children in hospital” day to test and raise awareness and funds. To our excitement, we raised nearly the same amount on “Children in hospital” day that we did during the holidays, exceeding our original goal by 3575%.”

— Jennifer McShane, General Secretary, Min Stora Dag

Campaign Lessons

  • Encourage supporters who’ve donated – Build in a resource to engage with donors, to encourage them to share the fundraiser with their friends and family, thank them for their donations, and get their opinion on what the next goal should be.
  • Time key fundraising moments – Save fundraising posts for specific periods of time around key events in your market, so you don’t risk diluting your audience or overwhelming them with constant donation asks.
  • Share what these donations will help to accomplish. Show and tell supporters what their donation goes towards

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