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Movember Raises $9.9M AUD for Men’s Health with Facebook Fundraiser API

“Facebook fundraising has helped Movember to raise millions for men’s health around the world. Those funds are being directed into programs that tackle some of the biggest issues being faced by men globally, and are helping us in our goal to stop men dying too young. Not only this, Facebook fundraising has helped start endless conversations around men’s health and made it easier for guys to open up – one of the main reasons why we started Movember.

The idea of supporting Movember and men’s health, whether you’re growing a Mo, committing to a ‘Move’ physical challenge or hosting an event, isn’t restricted by borders. By using the reach of the Facebook fundraising network, Movember has been able to take fundraising to communities all over Europe and the rest of the world.

It’s awesome to have been part of Facebook’s journey in this space from the very beginning and a privilege to work with such a passionate team who want to change the world with us. We are proud to be working with Facebook to innovate and help build new and exciting ways to fundraise, create awareness and reach new audiences, ultimately benefitting and saving the lives of men, their families, loved ones and mates all over the world. This is an incredible milestone moment, and we look forward to continuing our journey together”
– JC, Co-Founder


Movember is a global organization committed to changing the face of men’s health. Globally recognized for its annual moustache growing campaign, Movember is tackling some of the biggest health issues facing men all over the world: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention – one powerful conversation at a time.

Success Story

Since 2016, Movember has partnered with Facebook to develop the Fundraiser API that allows participants to create a mirrored Facebook Fundraiser within the registration flow. Movember is seeing year-on-year growth from those utilizing the Fundraiser API to host their Movember journey, and reaching more people in its network.

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“Our tech-savvy audience is typically very active on Facebook. Collaborating with Facebook meant we were creating a remarkable experience for our fundraisers in a place they’re already active and comfortable.”

– Tom D’Souza, Movember Global Innovation Manager


“Every year, we see positive growth in participation and funds raised using the Fundraiser API. Millions of dollars are being raised all around the world, going towards funding vital men’s health projects that scale the globe. Lives are being saved from the millions of conversations that have been started.”
– Tom D’Souza, Movember Global Innovation Manager

9.9M AUD

Donations raised across all active Movember markets that use the Fundraiser API


Unique fundraisers since 2016

5% – 13%

Increase in people connecting their Movember fundraiser to Facebook between 2016 – 2018

$7.2M AUD

Increase in dollars being raised from use of the API from 2016 to 2018

Campaign Goal

Improve Dollars Raised Performance for Movember

From the first day it launched its site, was built with the user at the heart of it. Movember listened to its community and held focus groups to give it first-hand insight into what would persuade donors to connect to a mirrored Facebook fundraiser.

The Movember team knew that driving more participants to connect to Facebook would expand the reach of these fundraisers and ultimately drive more dollars, so they tested ways to incentivize registrants to connect to Facebook.

Options explored:

  • Placement of the “Connect to Facebook” button in the registration flow
  • Testing the button color, ultimately making it on-brand Facebook blue
  • Button language to help people understand why they should connect to Facebook
  • Reminders for registrants to connect to Facebook, on the Movember website and via email marketing

Campaign Approach

Leveraging multiple channels and platforms:
The foundation uses emails, splash pages, Facebook posts, and targeted ads to reach those who haven’t connected.

Engaging audiences:
The Movember community — those out there raising funds and awareness — are the rockstars of Movember. So the foundation believed it was important to interact with those fundraising in a timely, fun, and engaging manner. Speaking to fundraising “Mo Bros” and “Mo Sistas” about tips to help them fundraise within their personal networks is a key strategy.

Campaign Lessons

  1. Make the most of the medium. “Facebook’s engaged, welcoming, peer-to-peer nature was the perfect community for Movember to build momentum and make fundraising feel more like a collective challenge among peers participating in a bigger movement.”
    — Tom D’Souza, Movember Global Innovation Manager
  2. Expand your audience. The Fundraiser API that Movember Foundation used in this campaign helped the organization reach new audiences not typically available to nonprofits—the traditionally hard-to-reach donor.
  3. Meaningful Interactions. Movember received a great deal of positive, empowering feedback during the campaign. Stories of men who beat testicular or prostate cancer after being inspired by a post to speak to their doctors, or users tackling the stigma on talking about mental health by sharing their own personal struggles galvanized the community and motivated further giving and story sharing.

Best Practices
  1. Help Your Supporters Reach Those Who Care
    All of your supporters can launch a fundraiser and seamlessly sync to a Facebook fundraiser, inviting their friends directly through their News Feed. By allowing your supporters to create a fundraiser for your cause on Facebook, they can quickly reach their community and spread the word.
  2. Meet fundraisers where they are
    Bring the fundraising experience closer to your social network and make it easier for your friends and family to get in on the action.
  3. Invite early and often
    The more invites, shares and posts there are to a Fundraiser, the more donations you’ll see.
  4. Show appreciation
    Movember tries to make sure everyone fundraising through Facebook gets some “Mo” love directly on their fundraiser from an official account as soon as possible. It keeps people motivated, drives them to continue fundraising, and shows the foundation’s commitment to the cause.

“A big part of the ethos of Movember is the team taking the time to write personalized and thoughtful messages. During campaign time, we have dedicated time to use our Facebook pages to communicate directly on the Fundraiser on Facebook. We often find our ”Mo“ community get a bit of a boost from getting personalized acknowledgement from our official Movember Facebook pages.”
— Tom D’Souza, Movember Global Innovation Manager

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