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Teach For America Empowers Teachers to Realize Their Potential With Facebook Mentorship

“The Mentorship program actually allowed individualized matches with Mentors and with leaders who have unique values, identity markers and experiences that match directly with the Mentees, which is incredibly powerful and was difficult for us to do at scale without the partnership of Facebook.”
– Alexis Chamberlain, Teach For America (TFA)


TFA’s mission is that one day, all children in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education. TFA finds, develops, and supports a diverse network of leaders who expand opportunity for children from classrooms, schools, and every sector and field that shape the broader systems in which schools operate.

Success Story

TFA coaches teachers and creates programming for their professional development. A big part of its role is to develop and enrich a teacher’s practice and their person, their leadership, every step of the way. Facebook Mentorship has been a valuable tool to connect people and enable TFA and its teachers to draw on the experience and expertise in its community.


With Facebook Mentorship, the TFA Connect Mentorship program was able to deliver individualized matches with Mentors and with leaders who have unique values, identity markers and experiences that match directly with Mentees. This is an incredibly powerful feature for TFA that was difficult to achieve at scale without the partnership of Facebook.

*Of matched, active pairs, most rated their experience as satisfied or highly satisfied.


early admitted corps members


alumni mentors


active pairs*

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TFA experienced major capacity lift when using the Mentorship program through Facebook in that it allowed the team to focus on designing its in-person experiences for early admitted corps members. Since TFA did not have to dedicate as much time nor allocate a staff member to run the CONNECT virtual platform with Facebook, it went from being a multiple hour per week project to a five hour per month project, resulting in time and resource savings.


The goal of setting up Facebook Mentorship to support the TFA CONNECT Mentorship Program was to allow early admitted corps members an unfiltered look at TFA and allow them to gain insight into what their experience as a corps member would be like. Also, Facebook Mentorship allows early admitted corps members to expand their networks and begin building connections with the larger TFA network.


To ensure alumni and corps members seeking mentorship received clear direction and messaging around mentorship, TFA created an exclusive group to highlight mentorship specific notifications. They did this by ensuring alumni mentors were admitted into the Group first to create their profiles before inviting early admitted corps members to join and select their mentor.

Tool Adoption
  • Engage the community. Reach out to the Group to make them aware of the Mentorship tool.
  • Stay active. Within the Group build an on going messaging cadence with posts, polls, etc.
  • Offer support. Follow up with people who are not matching to help facilitate the process.

Best Practices

Before Launch

  • Set goals: Be clear about the value this will provide within your community, and why you need this tool.
  • Support your community’s goal. By launching the Facebook Mentorship program, the Group shows its commitment to the member’s well-being, life, or career development.
  • Announce: let your group know about mentorship, and how they can get involved.

During Launch

  • Post about your mentorship program often and remind folks to sign up.
  • Connect and communicate: Encourage mentors and menteesto pair up early: We’ve seen that the more folks have meaningful conversation in weeks 1 and 2, the better their chances of a successful mentorship.
  • Thank your mentors Thank your mentors by posting in the group to acknowledge and encourage more people to become mentors. Remind Members: mentorship is a great way to “pay it forward.”
  • Share your learnings! Highlight successful mentorship pairs and impact by posting Stories to the Group.

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