Success StoryThe Malala Fund

The Malala Fund Activates Supporters Using Hashtags and Calls To Action

The Malala Fund sparked a global conversation among millions of people while raising awareness of all the organization’s efforts using a hashtag paired with a call to action and fundraising ask. Stand #withMalala

Success Story

The Malala Fund works to empower girls through education to achieve their potential and be agents of positive change in their communities.


The Malala Fund sparked a global conversation among millions of people while raising awareness of all the organization’s efforts.

  1. The “Words on Fire” video launched exclusively on Facebook, coinciding with the release of the documentary HE NAMED ME MALALA. To date, the video has over 1.8 million views, approximately 40,000 likes, and an estimated reach of over 6,000,000.
  2. A petition about girls’ education had over 1,000,000 signers and played a part in influencing the Global Partnership for Education’s decision to expand its focus to 12 years of primary and secondary education.
  3. The Stand #withMalala campaign has reached over 600 million people across all social channels.

Campaign Goals

Stand #withMalala is a 12-month campaign aimed at spreading awareness and activating millions of people worldwide in the movement to get girls in schools. It used a hashtag, #withMalala, paired with a call to action and fundraising ask. It also accompanied the release of HE NAMED ME MALALA, a documentary film by Academy Award-winning director Davis Guggenheim.

  1. Hashtags: A steady drumbeat of “Stand #withMalala” posts helped tie together the narrative of the campaign. From Malala’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly to the “Stand #withMalala” widget, it was essential to keep messaging consistent in order to spread Malala’s message and educate supporters about the issue of girls’ education.
  2. Petitions: A variety of calls to action promoted the widespread use of #withMalala. Giving supporters various ways to engage with the campaign, such as the hashtag and petition, engaged supporters across ages, countries and interests.
  3. Events:’s event for the Stand #withMalala Twitter rally helped spread Malala’s message and promote the petition.

Campaign Creative

The Malala Fund activated their audience at timely moments with #withMalala paired with a call to action, fostering their audience throughout the 12-month period. The organization introduced followers to the Stand #withMalala campaign with a one-minute video “anthem” stating why supporters should join the movement. They encouraged supporters to “Spend International Day of the Girl #withMalala” and see HE NAMED ME MALALA in theaters. The end-of-year fundraising campaign for 2015 also continued the Stand #withMalala mantra.

Campaign Lessons
  1. Think Global Messaging: Stand #withMalala needed to galvanize a global audience, so the overall message had to be easily understood by all supporters, no matter their nationality. If need be, tailor messaging based on location and language.
  2. Try Audience Research and Targeting: Before the campaign began, conduct a brief audit of supporters to know where, when and how to focus messaging. Make sure to tap into this audience information when targeting.
  3. Use Varying Actions: There are various ways to take action with the Stand #withMalala campaign, such as the hashtag and petition. Time the release of various actions, so users would move up in their level of engagement. Rolling out new ways to take action allows for continual engagement for supporters and prevents losing momentum.

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