Success Story CMRF Crumlin

Turning Supporter Engagement Into Fundraising Success


CMRF Crumlin is the principal fundraising body for Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin and the National Children’s Research Centre. Motivated by the core belief that every sick child deserves every chance, the organization strives to ensure its patients have the best possible outcomes through access to world class research, equipment and treatments.

Success Story

Children’s Medical & Research Foundation Crumlin used their Page and the fundraisers feature to build a fundraising community.


CMRF Crumlin used their Page and the fundraisers feature to build a fundraising community.

  1. The organization increased its organic reach to 117,914 views.
  2. Post engagement improved to 6,317 likes, comments and shares.
  3. New supporters were added, with 201 new school/business signups.
  4. The organization reported that it successfully raised €60,000 during the course of its holiday campaign.

Campaign Goals

Building a Community on Facebook

CMRF Crumlin knew that its work had touched the lives of many children and their families. The challenge was to connect to these people on Facebook, and then to turn them into a community willing to fundraise on behalf of the organization. CMRF Crumlin has a Facebook Page and has received thousands of likes on some of their posts, but it was never able to covert this engagement into fundraising success.

  1. With the holidays being a critical fundraising window, CMRF Crumlin decided to devote June through December to building up its Facebook audience engagement and emotional involvement with its cause.
  2. The organization recognized that the best way to build trust with its audience and increase supporter engagement was to show the impact each supporter makes on sick children’s lives.
  3. Targeting existing supporters established enough in their schools or workplaces to facilitate a fundraising event, CMRF Cremlin asked supporters to host a Christmas Jumper Day event on the organization’s behalf. The fundraising call-to-action was linked to one child’s emotive story (Poppy), with the hope of increasing engagement from followers who had been seeing similar posts all year. This in turn would allow the call-to-action to reach thousands of people from within CMRF’s target audience.
  4. As Poppy’s post gathered momentum, campaign organizers tied the ask to CMRF’s annual Tiny Hearts campaign that ran for the six weeks prior to Christmas.

Campaign Creative

Poppy was diagnosed with a complex heart condition at at just 9 months old. The campaign relied on eye-catching and emotional and imagery to underscore the adversity of her condition.

Campaign Lessons
  1. Timing matters. The common thread that connected Poppy’s emotive story, to the fundraising ask, was Christmas. Considering that 50 percent of the typical nonprofit’s annual income comes from the year-end ask, this made perfect strategic sense.
  2. Know your audience. CMRF Crumlin’s Facebook audience is 83% female, with the largest segment of those supporters falling between 25 and 45 years of age. Creating a post that would appeal to this key demographic, especially mothers of children who had been successfully treated in Crumlin, was central to the campaign’s success.
  3. Emotion is powerful. Poppy’s story was inherently powerful. Making her the face of the campaign helped to ensure it would attract the largest possible following.
  4. Focus on quality not quantity. Facebook’s algorithm tells you, over time, the types of posts your audience wants to see and engage with. CMRF Crumlin’s approach was simple – to repeat what worked and to discard what didn’t. By choosing to focus on quality over quantity, CMRF saw the organization’s success stories displayed to 100% of its Facebook audience, organically, on a regular basis.

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