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Plan for success with Meta technologies.

Start by determining what you want to achieve for your nonprofit with Meta technologies. Do you want to reach more supporters? Grow your community? Fundraise? With a clear goal in mind, you’ll have a better chance of getting the results you want.

Create an


By creating a Facebook and Instagram account, you can easily connect with supporters in a whole new way. From there, you can use our tools to engage with people in more meaningful ways and empower them to help you make a greater impact in the real world.

Where to start with Facebook.

Your first step is to create a Facebook account. Once you have an account, you will be able to create a Facebook Page for your nonprofit organization.

You can use your Page to share information about your nonprofit, reach more supporters and make meaningful connections as you build your online community. You can also create a Facebook Group where people who share an interest in your cause can come together.

Learn more about a Facebook Page and Facebook Group.

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Where to start with Instagram.

First, you’ll need to create a personal Instagram account. Then, you can convert your personal profile to a Business account for your nonprofit which anyone can follow and interact with. Your business account will give you access to Instagram features that can help you grow and fundraise.

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Build and grow

a community.

When supporters come together over a shared interest or commitment to helping a cause, the impact can be incredible.

3.45 billion people were active on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Messenger on a monthly basis as of March 31, 2021.1 And connecting is just the beginning. You can engage your community to help you raise awareness and fundraise.

Over 100 million fundraiser organizers and donors have raised more than $7 billion globally for causes they care about on Facebook and Instagram alone.

communication tools.

Reach your audience on a wider scale to share information about upcoming events, milestones, fundraisers and other news with one-to-many tools including a Facebook Page, Facebook Group and Instagram Business account.

Facebook Page

A Facebook Page gives your nonprofit a public-facing presence on Facebook and a place to share information about your organization, such as your mission and news about events. Think of your Page as your storefront: it’s visible for everyone to browse. People can become a member of your community by liking or following your Page. Only a Community Manager you choose can post information on your Page.

Facebook Group

A Facebook Group is a place where people who share a common interest can gather and exchange information. This is where the community talks. Groups can be public or private. Facebook Groups are managed by a Community Manager you choose. Both the Community Manager and community members can post on a Facebook Group.

Instagram Account

You can use an Instagram Business account to share your organization’s mission and contact information, and even collect donations through a Donate button on your profile bio, if eligible. Your supporters can also raise money for your cause on Instagram through Live, Stories and Feed.

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communication tools.

Connect with people directly to answer their questions or start a conversation through Messenger and WhatsApp.


Facebook Messenger is available through your Facebook Page and enables you to communicate directly with supporters on any device using the Messenger app.


WhatsApp is a fast, simple and reliable way to message anyone in the world. It is free to download and available in certain countries.


Workplace makes sure important messages get to the right people at the right time in the right way.

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The role of a
Community Manager.

Anyone in your organization, such as an employee or volunteer, can be a Community Manager. Community Managers are in charge of building, growing and maintaining meaningful communities. Online communities come in many shapes and sizes. They can meet in nonprofit Facebook Pages, in Facebook Groups or Instagram Accounts.

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  • Giving the community a name and identity.
  • Creating a coherent content strategy.
  • Posting content across all your community channels.
  • Engaging with daily comments and posts.
  • Inviting people to join the community.

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Fundraising on Facebook and Instagram.

Since 2015, people have raised over $7 billion on Facebook and Instagram for nonprofits and personal causes. Fundraising on Facebook and Instagram allows you to leverage a global community to help accelerate impact for your cause. We cover all fees for donations to nonprofits. Of the money raised, 100% goes directly to your organization.

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Extend your reach with free tools.


There’s a lot you can do with Meta technologies to advance your cause without spending any money.

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Amplify your

impact with

paid ads.

With even a small budget, you can start using paid ads on Facebook and Instagram to reach specific audiences and hit defined goals.

Let ads do the heavy lifting for your campaigns with targeted placement, creative best practices and action-oriented measurement.

Start using ads.

You can use Facebook ads to promote your cause, inspire your followers, launch an initiative to drive change or build momentum ahead of a fundraising event. Our ad tools are designed to help you achieve specified targets, like number of registrations or amount of money raised.

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Boost performance with ad strategies.

Get the most out of Facebook ads by using enhanced strategies to help you reach your desired audience and increase your return on investment from donations, volunteer programs and more.

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