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Help key members get on board with the benefits that Meta technologies can bring to your organization.

How to overcome

business challenges.

There are some common obstacles faced by many nonprofits that want to start using Meta technologies.

Let’s take a look at some of them, and how to navigate these challenges with confidence.

Social media seems complicated.

It doesn’t have to be. Start small by creating a Facebook Page so that supporters, donors, beneficiaries, employees and volunteers can easily connect with you and learn about your work. This little step in the right direction can go a long way towards building your community.

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Resource concerns.

You can start small, with as little as 30 minutes a week. The first step is choosing a Community Manager from your organization or volunteer team to manage your Facebook Page. As your community begins to grow, you can decide whether you want to dedicate more time and resources to it.

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Budget issues.

Meta offers many free tools like Pages and Groups, as well as tools to help you fundraise. You can start to see real results without spending any money. From there, even with a small budget, you can amplify your reach by using paid ads and promoted posts to target specific groups. Keep in mind, we cover all fees for fundraising, so 100% of money raised on Facebook and Instagram goes directly to your nonprofit.

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Unsure about the value.

Some perceive social media to be a nice-to-have rather than a key strategy that can help advance a cause. Consider this: More than 480 million people around the world are connected to a nonprofit Page on Facebook.1 Furthermore, $7 billion has been raised by our community on Facebook and Instagram to support the causes they care about.2 Social media’s value can be measured in the way it can empower supporters, mobilize volunteers, raise awareness, help you fundraise and amplify the work you’re already doing.

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$2M in new revenue from increased awareness.

“Prioritizing social with Meta technologies helped Thurgood Marshall College Fund create a broader awareness of the variety of programs they offer to a wider and different demographic, increased their following and likes across all platforms, and provided them with enhanced analytics on their social media audience. The organization secured approximately $2M in new revenue from the increased awareness and attracted almost 8,000 new donors.”

- Thurgood Marshall College Fund

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[1] Facebook Internal Data; 2018
[2] Facebook Internal Data; March 2021